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A New Dawn For Kenya
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1. Our History 1-38
2. Land and its people 39-84
3. Oral traditions 85-108
4. Art and culture 109-162
5. Governance 163-184
6. Finance 185-236
7. ICT 237-288
8. Agriculture 289-334
9. Education 335-374
10. Health 375-400
11. Security 401-450
12. Labour 451-484
13. Environment 485-510
14. Water and Forestry 551-566
15. Roads and Transport 567-640
16. Public Works and Housing 641-662
17. Energy 663-692
18. Foreign Relations 693-716
19. Cooperatives 717-732
20. Disaster Management 733-754
21. Trade 755-804
22. Justice 805-834
23. Nairobi Metropolitan 835-852
24. Local Authorities 853-876
25. Immigration 877-888
26. Science and Research 889-926
27. Gender and Child Affairs 927-940
28. Regional Development 941-952
29. Tourism 953-1068
30. Sport 1069-1146
Index 1147-1150
This Constitution will fundamentally transform our nation politically,
economically and socially. Some of the changes will be immediate
and we must be ready to support them. Other changes will take time.
We must remain resilient and focused as we work towards their
The changes envisaged in the new Constitution will present some
challenges along the way. However, the new Constitution gives us
better structures of governance to address the challenges more
efficiently. Our resolve to complete the journey of our nation’s
transformation must remain firm.
As we embark on the journey of national renewal, I ask all of us
to keep in mind the vision of the NEW KENYA. A New Kenya, where
we will no longer have people living in absolute poverty, or facing
unemployment. A New Kenya where food insecurity will
be a thing of the past.
His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki
CGH. MP President and Commander-in-Chief
of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya

K E N Y A Y E A R B O O K 2 0 1 0
am pleased to present to you the first-ever annual
Kenya Yearbook. This is an invaluable resource for
anyone seeking information about our beautiful
country. It covers a wide range of topics on our
social, political, economic and cultural affairs.
This edition, Kenya Yearbook 2010, begins by
chronicling Kenya’s early history and political
developments. It also gives details of our
geographical and demographical diversity as well as our
rich cultural heritage. Our governance system is discussed
in detail, particularly in light of our new constitutional
The Yearbook then gives an account of Government
programmes and policies as well as key milestones achieved
in our development agenda as guided by our Vision 2030.
Special emphasis is placed on infrastructure development,
social services, trade and investment.
A key feature of this Yearbook is that it celebrates the
achievements of Kenyans across various sectors. These
include musicians, businessmen, researchers as well as
sportsmen and women. Moreover, it recognises institutions
that have made significant contributions to the lives our
2010 has been a remarkable year for Kenya. On August 27
2010, we promulgated a new Constitution that had been
ratified at a peaceful referendum on August 4, 2010. This
K E N Y A Y E A R B O O K 2 0 1 0