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Bangalore Beat bureau
New Delhi/Bangalore: The axe fell at last. The
three-year reign of corruption and hubris, captained
by Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa,
ended this morning with the BJP
high command, which had notoriously looked
the other way while the state was being plundered
all these months, asked the present
chief minister to step down.
Former BJP state president and Chikmagalur-
Udupi MP D V Sadanada Gowda has been chosen
by the party high command to replace Yeddyurappa.
The last hurrah of Lokayukta Justice Santosh
Hegde, who submitted the final report on illegal
mining to the government indicting Yeddyurappa,
turned out to the be the final blow
for the chief minister. The pressure on Yeddyurappa
to vacate reached a feverish pitch with
the leak of the report. The CM had even gone
on a vacation on July 16 to Mauritius to avoid
the media glare.
The decision to sack Yeddyurapa was taken
at the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting that
was held at the residence of senior leader L K
Advani, who has been for long pressuring
other leaders of the high command to sack Yeddyurappa.
The meeting, attended by party
president Nitin Gadkari, opposition leader in
the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, national general
secretaries Ananth Kumar, Ravishankar
Prasad and Arun Jaitley, former party president
Rajnath Singh MP Venkaiah Naidu, took the decision
After the meeting, Ravishankar Prasad said,
“The party parliamentary board has taken a
unanimous decision to ask Yeddyurappa to tender
his resignation. Today, BJP secretary and
Karnataka in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan
will head to Bangalore and will talk to legislators
to seek opinion on the next BJP Legislative
Party leader. Rajnath Singh and Jaitley will arrive
in Bangalore tomorrow and will oversee the
election of the new BJP Legislature Party.”
After the meeting, Advani, Gadkari and
Sushma Swaraj met Sadanand Gowda and
sought his report on the ground situation in the
The shock from Delhi sent Yeddyurappa into
a huddle. He met his close aides at his official
residence Krishna. The meeting that started
with eight to 10 members had reached around
30 around 12.30 pm. There were nine ministers,
a Rajya Sabha member and MLAs at the meeting.
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Weʼre ready to support non‐BJP,
non‐Cong man to form govt: HDK
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Bangalore: The JD(S) will support anyone
who ventures out to form an alternative
government in the state.
Arriving in the city from New Delhi, he
told media persons at the Bangalore International
Airport: “We will not go with
the Congress or the BJP to form the government.
We will seriously look at all other
There is a reason why he made that
statement. Outgoing chief minister B S Yeddyurappa
is not done with his political
game yet. Soon after he landed in the city
from New Delhi, he got in touch with
JD(S) supremo H D Deve Gowda and told
him that he could part ways from the BJP
and form an alternative government.
Yeddyurappa told Gowda that he has the
support of 78 MLAs and with the support
of 26 legislators from the JD(S), they could
form a government.
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BSYʼs last‐ditch effort
to hold sway in state
D L Harish
Bangalore Beat bureau
Bangalore: Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa
has agreed to relinquish
office only on the condition that he
be made as BJP state president.
The BJP high command took a
serious view of Lokayuktha report
on illegal mining that has implicated
B S Yeddyurappa as a beneficiary
and hence asked him to step
down. To save the party and the
government the high command
Beyond Beat
took the decision to remove Yeddyurappa.
For the BJP national
leadership this also gives a free
hand to fight against corruption
and UPA government scams.
The high command is also near
unanimous to name D V Sadananda
Gowda as the new chief minister
replacing Yeddyurappa. A formal
announcement is expected to
be made at the BJLP meeting
scheduled to be held tomorrow. If
Sandanand Gowda is named the
chief minister, Ananth Kumar and
company will have an upper hand.
To offset this, it is reliably learnt
that Yeddyurappa has demanded
state party president post.
The present incumbent K S Eshwarappa
who became state party
president last year will hold the
office for 3 year term and he is also
identified as a supporter of Ananth
Kumar. Yeddyurappa’s fear is that
Ananth Kumar and Eshwarappa
will join hands and give tickets to
their favourities in the next elections
thus marginalizing his and
Manjunath Sharma
Bangalore Beat Bureau
the group of MLAs loyal to him.
Well aware of the things to come
in the near future, Yeddyurappa
has demanded that he be made
state BJP president and his loyalists
be given tickets in the next elections.
Even if Sadananda Gowda
becomes the chief minister, this is
only a stop gap arrangement for
Ananth Kumar to take over next
year when the state heads for assembly
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These are environment-friendly designs
with utilitarian value. Be it an airplane,
bridge, home or a bicycle, they have all be
reinvented to leave lesser carbon footprint.
The designs or on show at an exhibit at Karnataka
Chitrakala Parishath, says
L Raghunanda... Page 5
Bangalore: The Lokayukta has recommended
to the government that a special
court should be formed to try cases related
to illegal mining.
The recommendations have been made by
Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde in his second
report on illegal mining presented to the
government yesterday.
The offices, bank accounts and mining
fields of mining companies should be closed
with immediate effect and lakhs of labourers
employed by these companies should be
rehabilitated, it has suggested. The explosive
report said the labourers, who would be the
most-affected lot, should be given alternative
employment through Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
and other government schemes. The
labourers who have below poverty line
cards and other identification should be rehabilitated.
Tahsildars and other top district
administration officials should be asked to
identify the labourers, it said.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011
Bank Q1
net drops
to `726 cr
New Delhi: Public sector lender
Canara Bank posted 28 percent
decline in net profit to Rs 725.8
crore for the first quarter ended
June 30, 2011.
The lender had posted a net
profit of Rs 1,013.3 crore for the
corresponding quarter last fiscal,
Canara Bank said in a filing to
the Bombay Stock Exchange
(BSE).However, total income of
the bank increased by 31 percent
during the period to Rs 7,707.5
crore from Rs 5,894.8 crore in
the corresponding year-ago period.
The interest income of the
bank rose to Rs 7,180.7 crore during
the reporting quarter from
Rs 5,160.8 crore in the first quarter
of the previous fiscal. Bangalorebased
bank's gross non-performing
assets (NPAs) rose to 1.67 percent
during the quarter ended
June 30 from 1.46 percent in the
same quarter a year ago. PTI
Jaya case
posted to
August 1
Bangalore: A special court today
posted to August 1, hearing of
two applications filed by Tamil
Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa,
seeking exemption from personal
appearance and that she be allowed
to make a written submission
in the disproportionate
assets case against her.
She had also sought provision
of video conferencing if both of
these were not possible.
When the matter came up before
Special Court judge B M
Mallikarjunaiah, he adjourned
hearing to August 1 as arguments
by Jayalalithaa’s senior counsel
B Kumar on the applications remained
Kumar dwelt on the application
filed under Section 313 (5)
of CrPC, on entitlement of the
accused to file a written statement
instead of personally appearing
in court and answering
questions. He submitted that as
per a provision introduced under
Section 313(5) of CrPC in 2008,
which came into effect from December
31, 2009, an accused is
entitled to file a written statement
and need not appear personally
to answer questions under Section
313 of CrPC (power to examine
the accused).
During the hearing, second
accused Sasikala, Jayalalithaa’s
close aide and fourth accused
Ilavarasi were present.
The other application filed by
Jayalalithaa under Section 313
(1) of the CrPC, to permit her to
depose through video conference
will come up for arguments on
August 1, once Kumar concludes
his application filed under Section
313(5) of CrPC. In all, three
applications were filed by the
petitioner, including one citing
amendment to Section 313 CrPC
in 2008, under which personal
appearance of the accused may
be dispensed with. PTI
Connect held
Bangalore: Oracle Education
Foundation organised a one-day
event – ‘Chemistry Connect’ –
in the city today. Chemistry Connect
is a novel initiative of Oracle
Education Foundation’s Think
Quest to celebrate the International
Year of Chemistry.
The goals are to increase the
public appreciation of chemistry
in meeting world needs, to encourage
interest in chemistry
among young people, and to
generate enthusiasm.
Bangalore: A souvenir on the
third year anniversary of Swayam
Krushi Shakti was released by
mayor Sharadamma in the city
recently. After releasing the souvenir,
she said, “Swayam Krushi
Group of companies has been
doing a good job in society by
providing jobs to hundreds of
people.” Swayam Krushi Group
general secretary Sadashiva
Shenoy said, “We have been
helping people be self-reliant.
We have supported a lot of people.”Company
president M Murali,
vice-president N Veerendra
Babu and others were present at
the third anniversary function.
Bangalore Beat
Candidates with
M : 9900948514
Bangalore: The World Hepatitis Day is
marked to increase the awareness and
understanding of viral hepatitis and the
diseases that it causes. It provides an
opportunity to focus on specific actions:
• Strengthening prevention, screening
and control of viral hepatitis and its related
• Increasing hepatitis B vaccine coverage
and integration into national immunisation
programmes; and
• Coordinating a global response to
Hepatitis viruses A, B, C, D and E can
cause acute and chronic infection and
inflammation of the liver, leading to cirrhosis
and liver cancer. These viruses
constitute a major global health risk
with around 350 million people being
chronically infected with hepatitis B
and around 170 million people
being chronically infected with hepatitis
The week will see the first UN World
Hepatitis Day, called by the international
body to raise awareness of the
viral disease, largely spread by contaminated
water and food, blood, semen
and other body fluids. Around one
third of the global population, or 2 billion
people, have been infected with
the liver disease hepatitis which kills
about a million people annually.
Of the five viruses named A through
E, B is the most common and could be
transmitted by mothers to infants at
birth or in early childhood as well as
through contaminated injections or injected
drug use.
World Health Organisation hepatitis
specialist Steven Wiersma said this
"This is a chronic disease across the
whole world, but unfortunately there
is very little awareness, even among
Toyota to pump
in `1,650 cr
to hike capacity
New Delhi: Japanese car giant
Toyota has announced an investment
of nearly Rs 1,650 crore
to ramp up the production capacity
of its Indian operations
by one lakh units and for increasing
localisation of components
by 2014.
The company, which is present
in India through a joint venture
with the Kirloskar Group, will
invest Rs 898 crore to expand
the production capacity of the
two plants by 2013.
Another group firm will put
in an additional Rs 750 crore to
set up aluminum casting and
machining lines by 2014.
“Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM)
today announced a further increase
of its production capacity
to 3,10,000 units by 2013.
The expansion will come with
an investment of Rs 898 crore
approximately and generation
of new employment opportunities,”
the company said in a
statement. The production capacity
at the first plant will be
enhanced from 90,000 units to
1,00,000 units, while the output
at the second plant will be increased
to 2,10,000 units from
1,20,000 units, it added.
TKM is at present expanding
the capacity at the two facilities
in Bangalore to 2.1 lakh units
from 1.5 lakh units by 2012.
The first plant will manufacture
multi-purpose vehicle Innova
and sports utility vehicle
Fortuner. The second plant will
roll out sedans Etios and Corolla
Altis and hatchback Liva, the
health policy-makers, of its extent."
Most of those carrying hepatitis do
not know they have it, they can unknowingly
transmit it to others and at
any time in their lives it can develop to
kill or disable them, the United Nations
agency warned.
The E virus, transmitted through infected
water or food, is a common
cause of outbreaks of the disease in
developing countries and is increasingly
company said.
Commenting on development,
TKM managing director Hiroshi
Nakagawa said: “In line with
the growing demand for our vehicles,
we have decided to further
expand production. The demand
for Etios and Etios Liva has been
encouraging and we are gearing
up to cater to a larger number of
The company had last month
launched the small car Liva and
it has so far received booking
orders for 4,000 units. The sedan
Etios was launched in December
last year and received a good response
from the market, forcing
the company to expand its capacity
earlier than planned.
TKM also said it will increase
the localisation of components
of the Etios and Liva, with Toyota
Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt Ltd
(TKAP) planning to install and
commission aluminum casting
and machining lines by early
2014. “The installation will see
an additional investment of Rs
750 crore approximately and generation
of new employment opportunities,”
it added.
The lines are to be installed
at TKAP’s new Etios and Liva
engine plant, which is scheduled
to start operations in the third
quarter of 2012.
TKAP had earlier announced
plans to set up an engine plant
and expand its transmissions
capacity to cater to demand for
the Etios and Liva with a combined
investment of Rs 500 crore.
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observed in developed economies. The
World Health Organisation says effective
vaccines had been developed to combat
the A and B viruses and could also be
used against D. A vaccine for hepatitis
E had been developed but was not
widely available, while there was none
for the C virus.
Hepatitis C is caused by the virus
HCV. It is spread the same way as hepatitis
B, through contact with an infected
person's blood, semen, or body fluid.
Like hepatitis B, hepatitis C causes
swelling of the liver and can cause
liver damage that can lead to cancer.
Most people who have hepatitis C develop
a chronic infection. This may
lead to a scarring of the liver, called
cirrhosis. Blood banks test all donated
blood for hepatitis C, greatly reducing
the risk for getting the virus from blood
transfusions or blood products.
Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused
by infection with the hepatitis C
virus, which is spread when the blood
of an infected person enters the
body of someone previously not infected.
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention said most people become
infected by sharing needles or other
equipment used to inject drugs, although
the agency said people who
receive body piercings or tattoos with
nonsterile instruments are also at risk
of becoming infected with hepatitis C.
About 3.2 million Americans are infected
with hepatitis C.
Vaccination campaigns had scored
considerable success in many countries,
with about 180 of the WHO's 193 member
states now including the B vaccine
in infant immunisation programmes.
There is a need to recognize hepatitis
as a major global health problem in
order to advance the cause of its prevention
and control. Liver is a vital organ
of the human body and plays a
major role in detoxification, protein
synthesis, production of biochemicals
for digestion and metabolism. If the
liver gets infected, it impacts the body
metabolism rate greatly.
Dr. Veerendra S, consultant gastroenterology
& hepatology, Fortis Hospitals,
St. Paulʼs English School team
wins city round of TCS IT Wiz
Cricketer Javagal Srinath and TCS vice-president and head of Bangalore operations Nagaraj
Ijari distribute prizes to Arul Prakash & Pratheek I from St. Paul’s English School who won
the Bangalore round of TCS IT Wiz, an IT quiz.
Bangalore: Arul Prakash &
Pratheek I from St. Paul’s English
School won the TCS IT Wiz, country’s
biggest inter-school IT quiz
conducted and organised by Tata
Consultancy Services (TCS).
They emerged from among
1,200 students from 90 schools
participating in the program in
the city, held at Chowdiah Memorial
Hall yesterday. The quiz
is being conducted for the 13th
The winners walked away with
the coveted winner’s trophy,
along with a Galaxy Tablet each
and a digital camera. They were
closely followed by Jeydev C S
and Pranav k from Frank Anthony’s
Public School, who received
their trophy along with
an iPod Touch.
The prizes were distributed
by cricketer Javagal Srinath and
TCS vice-president and head of
Bangalore operations
Nagaraj Ijari. “TCS IT Wiz is an
excellent platform to introduce
information technology to young
and inquisitive minds. Quizzing
is a powerful teaching and learning
tool outside the
classroom environment. It is fun,
exciting and participatory,” Ijari
The six finalists who made it
to the final round also received
travel bags, headphones,
portable speakers, USB pen
drives, laser pointers, gift pack,
dining coupons from leading hotels
and more.
The audiences of TCS IT Wiz
were also rewarded with prizes
such as backpacks, pen drives,
mini portable speakers,
lunch/dinner coupons and t-
shirts for their correct answers.
Regional rounds of the quiz
are being held across 12 cities,
Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore,
Chennai, Coimbatore,
Pune, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar,
Kochi, Lucknow, Delhi and
Mumbai. The regional rounds
will be followed by national finals
in December where two winning
teams from the 12 regional rounds
will compete for the TCS IT Wiz
national champion title.
The TCS IT Wiz was open to
school students studying in classes
8 to 12.
6502 AHMEDABAD EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1330 (Sun)
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789SC MYS Secunderabad 1030 (Sun) 1020 (Sun)
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Movie Listings
Bhaathi (11,2.30,6,9.15PM) Govardhan
Theatre (11.30 am, 2.30, 6 , 9
pm) Krishna (KR Puram) (10.30 am, SHRIMATHI (A)
2,5,8PM) Kamakya (10.45 am, 1.45,
5.45, 8.45 pm) Triveni (10.30 am,
1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Veeresh (10.15
am,1.15 pm)
Ganesh, Yami Gautham
Balaji (Tavarekre) (11 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm) Ganesh (11 am, 2, 6, 9
pm) Krishna (KR Puram) (10.30 am)
Manasa (10.30 am) Maruthi (11.30
am, 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm, 9.30 pm)
Nandini (11 am, 2, 5, 8 pm) Sagar
(10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Siddheshwara
(11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm) Srinvasa (Gowdanapalya)
(11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)
Ullas (5.45, 8.45 pm) Vijayalakshmi
(Garudacharpalya) (11 am, 2.30 pm) KIRATAKA (U/A)
Vajreshwari (11 am, 2.30, 6, 9.15
pm) Inox (Jayanagar) (4 pm) Inox
(JP Nagar) (12.50 pm, 6.30 pm) Inox
(Malleswaram) (10.15 am, 3.55, 6.40,
9.25 pm)
Adarsh (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30
pm) Anupama (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
Ajay Devgan, Kajal Agarwal
Apsara (KR Market) (11.30 am,
2.30, 5.30, 8.30 pm) Cauvery
(Sankey Town) (11.30 am, 2.30,
6, 9.30 pm) Cinepolis (Bannerghatta
Road) (10.40 am, 12.45,
1.20, 3.50, 6.35, 9.20, 10 pm)
Everest (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm) Gopalan (Arcade Mall)
(10 am, 12.30, 4.50, 7.25, 10 pm)
Gopalan Cinemas (Bannerghatta
Road) (10 am, 12.25, 3.10, 7.10,
9.50 pm) Gopalan (Legacy Mall)
(10.15 am, 1, 3.45, 6.30, 10 pm)
HMT (Jalahalli) (10.45 am, 4.15,
9.45 pm) Innovative (10.15 am,
Katrina, Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik,
Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin
Abhinav (10 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30
pm) Cauvery (11.30 am, 2.30, 6,
9.15 pm) Cinemax (10 am, 1, 3.30,
4.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Cinepolis (10
am, 11 am, 12.55, 3.30, 4.10, 6.25,
7.05, 9.20 pm) Eshwari (11.15 am,
2.15, 6.15, 9.15 pm) Everest (Fraser
Town) (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.15, 9.30
pm) Fun Cinemas (10 am, 12.45, 4,
7, 10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Bannerghatta
Road) (10.15 am, 1.10,
4.10, 9.45 pm) Gopalan (Legacy
Mall) (10 am, 4, 7, 9.15 pm) Gopalan
(Mysore Road) (10.15 am, 1.15, 7,
9.50) HMT Cinemas (1.30 pm, 7.15
pm) Innovative Multiplex (11 am,
Lawrence Raghavendra, Lakshmi Rai
7.30 pm) Nartaki (10.30 am, 1.30,
4.30, 7.30 pm) Uma (10.15, 1,4, 7
Upendra, Priyanka Upendra
Adarsh (11.30 am, 2.30, 6, 9 pm)
Bharathi (11 am, 2.30, 6, 9.15 pm)
Eshwari (11.00 am) Inox (Malleswaram)
(12.30 pm) Manasa (11.30
am) Mohan (11 am, 2.30, 6, 9.15
pm) Nartaki (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30 pm) Prasanna (10.15 am, 1.15,
4.15, 7.15 pm) Uma (10.15 am, 1, 4,
7 pm) Veerabhadreshwara (10.30
am, 1.30 pm) Vaibhav (11.30 am)
Bhumika (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30,) Ullas (10.45 am, 1.45 pm)
Vishal (11 am, 2.30, 6, 9.15 pm)
Yash, Oviya Helen, T S Nagabharana
Goverdhan (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30 pm) Kapali (10.30 am, 1.30,
4.30, 7.30 pm)
Prem Kumar, Sharmila Mandre
Banashankari (Hongasandra) (11
am, 2.15, 6.15, 9.15 pm).
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson,
Rupert Grint
“3D” Cinepolis (10.20 am, 11.40,
3, 5.30, 7.40, 10 pm) Fame (Lido)
(11.15 am, 1.45, 4.20, 6.55, 9.30
pm) Fame (Shankarnag) (9.40 pm)
Fun Cinemas (10.30 am, 3.45, 6.30,
9.25 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Bannerghatta
Road) (10 am, 5.30, 7.30,
10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Mysore
Road) (10 am, 5.20, 7.40, 10 pm)
Gopalan (Innovation Mall) (10.20
am, 5, 7.30, 10 pm) Innovative Multiplex
(11.15 am, 1.45, 6.45, 9.30pm)
Inox (Magrath Road) (10.35 am,
4.10, 6.50, 9.30 pm) Inox (Malleswaram(
(0 am, 2.05, 7.20, 9.45
Tom Hanks, Julia Robert
Fame Lido (12.35 pm, 7.35 pm) PVR
Cinemas (10 am, 2.40, 7.20, 10 pm)
Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-
“3D” Cinemax (2.15 pm, 7.15, 10
pm) Fame Lido (10.15 am, 3.25,
6.20, 9.15 pm) Fun Cinemas (12.45
pm, 3.50, 6.55, 10 pm pm) Gopalan
Cinemas (B’ghatta Road) (10 am,
4.30, 7.15, 10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas
(Mysore Road) (11 am, 1.45, 9.30)
12.45, 5, 7.30, 10 pm) Lakshmi
(10.15 am, 1.15, 5.15, 8.15 pm)
Manasa (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm) Radhakrishna (11.30
am, 2.45, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Rex
(2.15, 7.10 pm) Navarang (10.15
am, 1.15, 4.15, 10 pm) Srinagraja
(11 am, 2, 5, 8 pm) Sri Srinivasa
(11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)
Tribhuvan (10. 30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30 pm) Vaibhav (11.30 am, 2.30,
6, 9.30 pm) Varjeshwari (4.30,
7.30 pm) Veeresh (10 pm)
Vinayaka (11.15 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm)
1.45, 4.30, 7.15, 10 pm) Inox (Jayanagar)
(10 am, 12.25, 3.20, 6.15, 9
pm) Inox (JP Nagar) (10 am, 12, 3,
4.35, 6, 9 pm)
Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez
Apsara (11.30 am, 2.15, 5.30, 8.30
pm) Abhinay (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30 pm) Abhiman (Goripalya) (11
am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Anand
(3.30 pm, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Fame
Forum Value Mall (10.30 am, 2.50,
4, 7, 9.30 pm) Fame Lido (10 am,
2.35, 5, 9.35 pm) Fame (Shankarnag)
(2 pm) Fun Cinemas (10.10 am,
4.30, 7.30 pm) HMT Cinemas (Jalahalli)
(10.45 am, 9.45 pm) Inox
(Jayanagar) (10.30 pm) Inox (JP Nagar)
(10 am, 7.30 pm).
Chandrodaya (11.30 am, 2.30pm)
Murali (Gokula) (11 am, 2.30pm)
Movieland (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,
7.30 pm) Renukaprasanna (11 am,
2.30 pm) Radhakrishna (11.30 am,
2.45 pm) Vaishnavi (11.30 am, 2.30,
6.30, 9.30 pm) Venkateshwara (KR
Puram) (6.30 pm, 9.30 pm)
Vikram, Anushka
Anjan (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30
pm) Chandrodaya (4.30 pm, 7.30
pm) Renukaprasanna (6, 9.15 pm)
Rajarajeshwari (11 am, 2.30, 6.30,
9.30 pm) Tulasi (Marathahalli) (11.30
am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)
Tirumala (10 am, 1.45, 5.30, 8.45
Thursday, July 28, 2011 CITY 3
Department of Higher Education:
Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa
at the release of the
book ‘Study on Perceptions,
Aspirations, Expectations and
Attitudes of Youth in Karnataka,’
Conference Hall, Room
No 334, Vidhana Soudha, 5.30
BMTC SC/ST Employees’
Union: Mayor Sharadamma
at the 120th birth anniversary
of Dr Ambedkar, BMTC
Venkatadri Kalyana Mantapa,
Kathriguppe, 4.30 pm.
Karnataka (India) Section of
The International Commission
of Jurists: Director, New
Acropolis India Ran A Kremer
to deliver a lecture on ‘Justice
in the eye of Philosophy-Ethics
and Moral,’ Karnataka (India)
Section of The International
Commission of Jurists, opp
Court Hall No 36, High Court,
4.45 pm.
The Institution of Engineers:
Talk on ‘Maintenance of Buildings
Against Dampness’ by
senior lecturer, East West Institute
of Technology R Sridhar,
Premises, No 3, Ambedkar
Veedhi, 5.30 pm.
Gandhi Smaraka Bhavan: Lecture
on ‘Brahmageeta,’ by Dr
S Ranganath, Gandhi Smaraka
Bhavan, 8th Cross, Malleswaram,
6.30 pm.
Sambuddha Publications: Release
of the book “Jaathi Paddathi-Ambedkar
Gandhi Niluvu”
compiled by Mangura Vijaya,
Nayana auditorium, Kannada
Bhavana, J C Road, 5.30
The Indian Institute of World
Culture: Bhakti Sangeetha programme
from Sripada Hedge
of Dharwad, Indian Institute
of World Culture, B P Wadia
Road, Basavanagudi, 6 pm.
Cultural Connections: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 10 a.m. to
6 p.m. Gallerie Third Eye, No
A-1 Epsilon Office Block,
Yemalur Main Road, Yemalur
An exhibition of contemporary
Indian paintings by Parmesh
D Jolad and Sudeep Mukerjee,
curated by Jasmine Khanna.
Recorder of Life, Beauty and
Truth: Thursday, July 28th,
2011. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tasveer,
No 26/1, Kasturba Cross Road,
Tasveer presents an exhibition
of photographs by TS Satyan,
one of India's first photojournalists.
Tête-à-tête @ Apparao: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 10 a.m. to
8 p.m. Apparao Galleries, No
82 The Presidency, St Marks
Road, Apparao Galleries presents
'Tête-à-tête', an exhibition
of paintings and sculptures
by eleven artists including
Altaf, Anjolie Ela Menon, FN
Souza, George K, K Muralidhar,
Laxma Goud, Shipra Bhattacharya
and Sunil Padwal.
A Slice of Life @ Veda: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 11 a.m. to
6 p.m. Veda Art Gallery, Palace
View Builidng, Sankey Road,
Kumara Park West Veda Art
Gallery presents 'A Slice of
Life', an exhibition of art work
by JMS Mani, Laxman Aelay,
Kishan Kappari and Murugesan.
Group Show @ Sumukha:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011. 10:30
a.m. to 6 p.m. Gallery
Sumukha, No 24/10, BTS Depot
Road, Wilson Garden An exhibition
of sculptures, etchings,
woodcuts and photographs
by various artists from
different parts of the country.
The Taste of a Collector:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011. 11
a.m. to 7 p.m. Gallery Time &
Space, No 55, Lavelle Road,
An exhibition of artwork from
the private collection of Vatsal
Poddar, a successful businessman
and art enthusiast.
Remembering Husain: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 10 a.m. to
7 p.m. Kynkyny Art, No 148
Embassy Square, Infantry
Road, Kynkyny Art hosts a
special exhibition of paintings
paying tribute to the legendary
MF Husain.
Group show @ Renaissance:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011. 11
a.m. to 7 p.m. Renaissance
Gallerie, No 13 Westminster,
Cunningham Road, Paintings
by Sanjay Sable, Bijoy Basak,
Mariyam Minha and Sangeeta.
SICHREM: South Indian cell
for human rights education
and monitoring extends free
human rights counseling and
legal advice for victims of human
rights violation, call: 080-
942 between 3.30pm to 5.30pm
(Monday to Friday)
Kerala Food Festival: Bon-
South presents its first Kerala
food festival, Kerala cuisine
has a lot of varieties from different
regions of the State.
From the Moplah and the Syrian
Christian specialities to
the vegetarian delicacies of
Namboodiri cuisine. Each of
these regional varieties has a
distinctive taste and flavour.
The cuisine is a delight for
food lovers, for both vegetarians
and non vegetarians. Available
both at lunch and dinner,
the Buffet is priced at Rs. 350
plus taxes. BonSouth, No 1
Sampige road, Mantri Square,
3rd Floor next to Oval bar.
call: 080 22667377 & for Home
delivery 080 22667378.
Mama Mia! Introduces the
Ice-cream Cakes: which are
great for any celebration ditch
the regular creamy cake on
your next birthday for a delicious
frozen icecream cake.
Price: Rs 389 for 1 kg and Rs
699 for 2 kg and Rs 59 per
slice. Indiranagar Call 4114-
9423, Koramangala. Tel: 93794-
16398, Jyoti Niwas College
Road. Koramangala Tel:
Crimson's Annual Monsoon
Sale: Thursday, July 28th, 2011.
11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Crimson Art
Gallery, The Hatworks Boulevards,
No 32, Cunningham
Road, Vasanthnagar Paintings
at discount rates, along with
an additional offer where patrons
get 50% off every second
Sale @ Esprit: Thursday, July
28th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Esprit, No 10 Ananda Bhavan,
Vittal Mallya Road, Esprit announces
a sale where patrons
can avail discounts of up to
50% on apparel and accessories,
and a flat 25% off watches.
Sale @ French Connection:
Thursday, July 28th, 2011. 10
a.m. to 9 p.m. French Connection,
Adarsh Opus, Campbell
Road, Austin Town Men
get a flat 30% off, while women
are entitled to discounts up to
50% on all merchandise at
French Connection’s end of
season sale across all outlets.
Van Heusen Sale: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 9
p.m. Van Heusen, No 194,
Brigade Road, Discounts of up
to 40% on all apparel. The
sale is on across all outlets.
Happiness Sale: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 9:30
p.m. Bangalore Central, No
47/48 Victoria Embassy, Residency
Road, Bangalore Central
announces the Happiness
Sale, featuring apparel and
accessories at discounts of up
to 61 percent. The sale is on
across all outlets.
Screening of 'On the Wings
of Dreams': Thursday, July
28th, 2011. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Bangalore International Centre
A TERI Initiative, Teri Complex,
2nd Stage, 4th Main, 2nd Cross,
Domlur As part of the
Bangladeshi Film Festival, the
Bangalore International Centre
screens On the Wings of
Eating Out
Power Lunch: Thursday, July
28th, 2011. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
City Bar Karaoke + Grill, UB
City, No 24, Vittal Mallya Road,
Now be connected even during
the quick business lunch. Free
wi-fi access while you fill up
in the middle of the day. Delectable
starters with a variety
of veg/ non veg main course
options along with draught
Weekday Lunch Buffet @
ManU: Thursday, July 28th,
2011. noon to 3 p.m. Manchester
United Restaurant Bar,
The Manchester United Restaurant
and Bar launches a weekday
lunch buffet priced at Rs
350 plus taxes right from
starters to desserts.
Burger-Binging Monsoon
Menu @ Mocha: Thursday,
July 28th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 11
p.m. Mocha, Lavelle Road,
Mocha introduces a special
menu for the monsoons. On it
are special burgers like the
Mexican Burger, the Animal
Burger and the Cold Cut and
Cheese Burger.
Kerala Konnections: 28th,
2011. 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Vembanad,
The Paul, No 139/28,
Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur
Vembanad at The Paul
hosts 'Kerala Konnections', a
weekday lunch buffet that features
coastal dishes like Meen
Manga Curry, Kozhi Roast,
Thalassari Mutton Curry and
Mampazha Pulissery.
I‐T dept may take
Tax Mela to Mysore
More than 60,000 file returns since July 20
L Raghunanda
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Bangalore: The Income Tax Mela
2011 that began on July 20 has
received a good response with
over 60,000 tax-payers filing their
returns, said said Pradeep Kumar,
joint commissioner of income
tax, to Bangalore Beat.
The department is now thinking
of taking the mela to Mysore,
considering the success it has
seen this and last year with a
large number of tax payers filing
their returns in a short time. But
the final decision is yet to be
taken, he added.
“Considering the crowd that
has been pouring in, we expect
around 3 lakh people to have
filed their returns by the end of
the mela on July 31,” he said.
There has been an overwhelming
response to the mela with
the slogan “Smile and File”.
Those who had come to file their
returns like the facilities provided
this year. Anyone with a PAN
card and Form 16 could file their
returns without any hassle. There
has also been ATM facility where
tax filers have been able to get
instant money, he added.
“The first-time tax filers normally
come with a kind of fear.
But their apprehensions have
been put at ease by our staff.
We have ensured them that their
fears are completely unfounded,”
he said.
The mela, going on at Gayatri
Vihar in Palace Grounds, is onestop
shop where all the facilities
for tax payers are available. With
the department setting up 22 refund
counters, 26 non-refund
counters and 10 bulk counters,
there is no better place than the
mela to file the returns, he said.
This is the fourth year that
the department has enabled e-
filing of tax returns.
But still the number of people
coming to the mela to physically
file the tax returns has not come
Rajesh, a businessman, said,
“I wanted to know the nuances
of filing the tax returns. That is
the reason I came here.
Now that I got the information,
I don’t need to visit any income
tax office from next year to file
Thinking about Kannada
Dr. Pradeep Kumar P V,
Joint commissioner,
income tax.
my returns.”
He said, “Through e-filing,
preparing the returns takes five
minutes. Each tax payer is given
a separate code and an invoice
once the e-filing is successful.
The information is sent to the
tax-payer through e-mail ID.”
Sagar Hospital gets
Those filing the returns welcomed
the idea of Sagar Hospital
setting up a free health checkup
camp at the mela.
“We have provided excellent
health check-up facilities, not
just within the pandal. We have
also stationed a fully equipped
ambulance, which is equivalent
to an intensive-care unit,” said
M Raju, PRO, Sagar Group of
Hospitals. “Every day, around
70 people have been taking advantage
of the free health checkup.
We conduct blood tests,
check their BP and make them
go through ECG. Not just the elderly,
even youngsters have been
getting themselves checked,” he
Thumbs-up from
disabled, elderly
The elderly and disabled liked
the facilities provided at the
mela. “The arrangement at the
mela is superb.
The income tax department
officials are cordial and friendly.
The treatment for senior citizens
like me is highly commendable,”
said 85-year-old Dr M Gopalan,
Kannada Vatal Paksha leader Vatal Nagaraj, Koodalasangama Math seer Mruthyunjaya
Swami and actress Abhinaya take part in a seminar on “Challenges before Kannada and
Karnataka”, organised by the Karnataka Culture Academy at Nayana auditorium today.
a resident of Shakti Nilaya.
“There was a separate counter
for the physically challenged like
me in the last year’s mela. But
still the services are superb. I
did not face any problem and
we should thank the department
officials for the excellent facilities,”
said Renukananda, a government
employee. “This is wonderful,
hassle free way of filing
the tax return, the way things
have been organised is superb,
despite the modification in the
forms for filing the returns, and
my suggestion for income tax
department is to go ahead with
present format for filing the return”
said M Venkatesh, a software
engineer with Wipro.
Maj Gen (retd) Prahlad (69)
said, “The mela has courteous
and disciplined staff. We the citizens
must thank the IT department
sincerely.” N Karthikeyan,
a businessman, said, “The mela
is wonderful and well organised.
Filing the return was very easy.
The staff, especially those at
the counter, was courteous and
well informed. It all happened
South zone finals of Karaoke
world championship tonight
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Bangalore: The south zonal finals
to select participants for
the ‘Karaoke World Championship’
are being held in the
city today.
“There are approximately 15
participants participating in the
zonal finals to be held today.
These participants are selected
from the city trials which were
conducted in cities like Bangalore
and Hyderabad in the South.
Three participants will be selected
who will represent south
zone for finals in Mumbai on
August 6. They will face off with
the winners from the other three
zones,” Lalit Kewalramani, director
of Nash Events and Entertainment,
told Bangalore Beat.
The event today is being held
at Kyra on 100 Feet Road at Indiranagar.
“Next year, the event will be
launched in a larger format. This
Chamola is
new HAL
Bangalore: V M Chamola yesterday
assumed charge as director,
human resources, Hindustan
Aeronautics Ltd. Prior to this, he
was chief general manager, HR,
at Bangalore-headquartered
BEML. He had also earlier served
as additional general manager,
HR, at HAL.
“It is challenging, we need to
focus on bringing in more transparent
and uniform systems,”
Chamola said. PTI
BBMP south
zone revenue
office shifted
Bangalore: The Bruhat Bangalore
Mahanagara Palike’s south
zone’s assistant revenue office
at BTM Layout subdivision situated
on second cross, fourth
main road, LIC Colony, Jayanagar,
has been shifted to the BBMP
building, first floor, Hosur Road,
Madivala (next to Ayappa Swamy
Temple), Bangalore-560068.
The citizens should contact
the new office for their work,
said the south zone commissioner
in a press release.
year, it was conducted across
only nine cities across the country
in four zones and next year it
would be taken to five more
cities. At each city the event
would be held at different night
clubs,” he said Next year.
There is no cash prize for the
winners at the zonal level, but
will be given free vouchers and
gifts. Two winners will represent
India at three-day event –
‘Karaoke World Championships
2011 World Finals’ in Ireland
from September 8-10.
This is the first time that India
is participating in the championship
that sees representation
from 40 countries from across
the world. India’s first champions
will meet singers from around
the world. The KWC India Championship
started on July 15.
Congress memo
to Guv to sack
BJP government
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Bangalore: The Congress legal
and human rights cell has submitted
a memorandum to governor
H R Bhardwaj this morning
demanding dismissal of BJP government.
Members of the legal cell took
a jatha from the main gate of
Karnataka High Court to Raj Bhavan
shouting slogans against
chief minister B S Yeddyurappa
and BJP government.
They said the chief minister
is involved in illegal mining
which is substantiated by the
Lokayuktha report on illegal
mining submitted yesterday to
the government.
Yeddyurappa has no right to
Wipro ex‐CIO Laxman
Badiga joins Anthelio
Bangalore: IT and BPO services
provider Anthelio has announced
that former Wipro chief information
officer Laxman K Badiga
has joined the company as the
chief operating officer.
Anthelio provides BPO and IT
solutions for hospitals and other
healthcare services. In Wipro
Technologies, Badiga managed
a wide array of critical operations,
facilities creation and management,
supply chain management,
procurement, information
systems and IT infrastructure,
travel and mobility and government
relations, Anthelio Healthcare
Solutions said in a statement.
While at Wipro for nearly
continue in the office as also
some of his cabinet colleagues
who were also involved in illegal
mining. The BJP government has
looted the resources of the state
and does not have any moral
right to continue in the office,
they said.
In the memorandum, they
have urged the governor to take
action against chief minister B
S Yeddyurappa and dismiss the
“We also demand a thorough
investigation into the Lokayuktha
report on illegal mining, said
KPCC legal cell chairman C M
Hundreds of advocates took
part in the jatha protesting
against the BJP government.
Special court must try
cases, Lokayukta report
Continued from page 1
Criminal proceedings should be
initiated against the officials who
have caused loss to the exchequer,
said the report, which has
named 46 public servants as
guilty. The list of fall guys includes
those from the panchayat
level to members of Parliament.
The report also terms over 700
officials guilty.
All those linked with mining
companies, from officials to the
directors, should be blacklisted
for illegal mining and all their
operations seized immediately.
The mining companies have taken
loans running into Rs 2,800
crore by mortgaging government
lands. The government should
take back possession of these
tracts. The government can repay
the loans taken from banks by
auctioning the ore lying in these
fields over the internet.
The Lokayukta has conducted
the investigation by looking into
various issues concerning illegal
mining, like transport, the sale
of ore in the local as well as international
market, procedures
followed in obtaining mining
leases and whether they are from
the mining and geology company,
or from the secretariat. It has
also looked into encroachment
of kharab, forest, gomala, patta
and fallow lands.
The report said agricultural
lands have been showed as waste
lands and mining has been carried
It said 25 years ago, there were
two licences, and only one was
still running at the time of investigation.
15 years ago, 11 licences
were allotted. Of them,
seven were still valid. Ten years
ago, 45 licences were issued.
These were given to sub-contracts
and the number of licences ballooned
to 83.
The mining policy violation
has been committed in 31 instances,
revenue department violation
in 43 cases, transport
department 8,050, forest law violations
cover 40 cases, 61 companies
and 189 subjects. Overloading
and other illegalities at
checkposts run into 1890 cases,
it said.
In many cases, the local revenue,
rural development and
panchayat raj and other departments
have colluded with mining
Some of the areas where the
lands have been encroached and
worker quarters built by mining
companies have been given electricity,
roads, and other amenities,
it said.
In 32 instances, power has
been provided under the
Bhagyajyothi scheme, which is
provided to below poverty line
30 years, Badiga was responsible
for initiating a multitude of services,
including software services
in the US and Europe, large account
management, the creation
and management of the first vertical
services organisation, as
well as software product development,it
“Laxman Badiga’s tremendous
experience and capabilities in
applying global technology initiatives
will be a tremendous asset
to Anthelio as we seek
to bend the cost curve for
hospitals and other healthcare
related providers,” Anthelio
chairman and CEO Richard
S Garnick said. PTI
Thursday, July 28, 2011 NEWS 4
IT questions Raja, others; to
come out with report soon: CBDT
New Delhi: The income tax department
today said it has questioned
former telecom minister
A Raja and others in connection
with the 2G spectrum allocation
case and will soon come out
with its report.
"Our officials are inquiring
into 2G spectrum case. They have
taken permission from the court.
At present it is under investigation.
A report will be prepared
and action will be taken," Central
Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)
chairman Prakash Chandra told
reporters here.
Besides Raja, the Income Tax
officials have also questioned
several others involved in the
case after obtaining permission
from a city court.
Palike meet
Chandra further said that,
"This (investigation) is being
dealt by different DGs (Directorate
Generals)...Chennai and
Mumbai. Raja...Balwa..these two
I remember..There is one more
(person). Chennai people (Income
Tax officials) came and
interrogated Raja".
The Delhi Court had earlier
allowed Income Tax officials to
question Raja, Swan Telecom
Promoters Shahid Usman Balwa
and Vinod Goenka and three top
Reliance ADAG officials -- Gautam
Doshi, Hari Nair and Surender
Pipara --currently in judicial
Sources in the department
said the questioning of Raja yesterday
revolved around the financial
details of his family and
those transactions for which he
was responsible in his personal
capacity. PTI
Khar prays for Indo‐Pak
peace at Nizamuddin Dargah
New Delhi: Pakistan foreign minister
Hina Rabbani Khar today
paid obeisance at the dargah of
famous Sufi saint Nizamuddin
Auliya here and prayed for peace
between the two countries.
Wrapping up her three-day
official visit, Khar along with
Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir
and other members of the delegation
spent over 30 minutes at
the dargah in Nizamuddin in
south Delhi. Dressed in a salwar
kameez, the 34-year-old Foreign
Minister was accorded a traditional
welcome by the office
bearers of the dargah and was
taken to Amir Khusro’s grave
where she offered a chadar.
Khar, who arrived here on
Tuesday for talks with her counterpart
S M Krishna, spent a few
ʻSack BSYʼ
Protest held
minutes there before proceeding
to the shrine of Sufi saint Nizamuddin
Since women are not allowed
inside the shrine, she touched
the chadar with her hand and
gave it to other members of the
delegation and office bearers
who went inside and placed it.
Khar, the youngest Pakistani
Foreign Minister, then offered
prayers at the mosque adjoining
the dargah where the priests
asked her to pray for “peace between
India and Pakistan.”
“She prayed for peace between
India and Pakistan and also for
improvement of ties between the
two countries. She was taken
around the dargah by our nizamis
and finally she also offered
namaz,” Diwan Syed Tahir Nizami,
one of the office bearers of
the dargah, told PTI.
He said they also prayed that
Khar’s purpose of the visit should
be successful and “there should
only be love” between the people
of India and Pakistan.
At the mosque, Khar offered
namaz and was presented with
a photograph of the Nizamuddin
basti by the Dargah authorities.
Nizami said prayers were also
held for Khar’s “successful
tenure” as Foreign Minister of
Pakistan and for her future.
“Whoever comes to the dargah,
they come with a prayer.
They say their prayer in their
mind. For Khar, we prayed for
her successful tenure as Foreign
Minister and also for her future,”
he said.
Members of the Dalit Sangharsha Samiti protest demanding imediate sacking of
chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, for his alleged involvement in corruption cases,
in Mysore today.
Congress party workers led by former MLA M K Somashekhar demand the resignation of
chief minister B S Yeddyurappa for his alleged involvement in illegal mining. The
workers blocked roads at Mysore this morning. The MLA was later arrested
The monthly council meeting of the BBMP being held at the palike office today.
No record of meeting referred
to by Behura in 2G court: Sibal
New Delhi: Indian telecom minister
Kapil Sibal today contested
the claims of former Telecom
Secretary Siddhartha Behura
over a December, 2007 meeting
held regarding entry fees for 2G
licences, in which he had said
the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram
and former finance
secretary D Subbarao were present.
“We have looked into records.
The records show that there was
no such meeting. Neither Chidambaram
(now Union Home
Minister) nor Subbarao (now Reserve
Bank of India Governor)
remember any such meeting,”
Sibal said.
He said, “It is surprising that
the then telecom secretary (Behura),
who joined (Department
expo on at
Chennai: The fifth edition of the
Cinema Today expo, an exhibition
for the cinema, broadcast,
media and entertainment industry,
is being held at the Chennai
Trade Centre in Chennai till July
It is the one-of-its-kind show.
The highlights of the expo include
live demonstrations of latest
equipment, workshops, seminars
and interactive sessions
with participants from all over
India and countries like the US,
UK, Canada, France, Germany,
Singapore, Japan and China.
The Cinema Today exhibition
has been supported by industry
associations and companies like
Anand Cine Service, APRI, Quantel,
Gemini Lab, Panasonic, Sony,
Real Image, Stereovision, Avid,
Sniper, Imaginer, Apple, Fuji
Film, Monarch, AGIV, Wacom to
name a few has become an important
annual event.
The expo, organised by the
Buysell Interactions Ltd, plays a
vital role in taking the industry
to the next level by showcasing
the latest technology – hi-definition,
3D production and projection
and more.
India must get their act together
to latch on to top rank
Nottingham: Stunned by the
humiliating defeat at the Lord’s,
India will have to quickly get
their act together as they go into
the second cricket Test against
England here tomorrow with a
serious threat to their status as
the number one team.
The demoralised Indians, who
lost the first Test by a resounding
196 runs, will have to pull up
their socks if they hope to prevent
the hosts from dislodging them
from the top position.
But the injury to pace spearhead
Zaheer Khan, who may not
be fit enough to take the field
on the morrow, and the poor
form of Harbhajan Singh have
handicapped the bowling to a
great extent while the form of
some of their top order batsmen
have compounded their misery.
In case Zaheer sits out, either
S Sreesanth or Munaf Patel will
make it to the team with the Indians
preferring to go into the
crucial game with three pacers
and a spinner on a Trent Bridge
track which was expected to
help the quick bowlers.
While India would be desperate
to do whatever it takes to
hold on to their numero uno
Test status, a series win by a
two game margin will see England
topple Mahendra Singh
Dhoni’s men from the pinnacle.
The visitors, however, can
of Telecom) on January 1, 2008,
is referring to a meeting of December
4, 2007, when he had
no personal knowledge of the
meeting and has not produced
any document to support veracity
of his submission.”
Opposing the framing of
charges of corruption and other
penal offences against him in
the case, Behura told Special
Central Bureau of Investigation
(CBI) judge O P Saini Wednesday
that Subbarao had decided
against revising the entry fee of
Rs 1,659 crore for 2G licences
and if he is not an accused in
this case, he (Behura) too should
not have been put on trial.
“Subbarao finalised the decision
taken in the meeting of December
4, 2007, that the policy
Workshop on corporate
social responsibility
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Bangalore: A two-day workshop
on the excellence in execution
of corporate social responsibility
(CSR) was inaugurated by Dr
U.D Choubey, Director General
Standing Committee on Public
Enterprises(SCOPE) this morning.
The workshop will look into
corporate governance, and integration
with business plan,
CSR communication strategies
and evaluation of CSR initiatives,
selection of the CSR projects,
assessment of the project
cost, selection of implementation
agency, and financial approval
procedures, monitoring
take heart from the fact that they
lost the first Test in five of their
seven tours (excluding
Bangladesh) in last four years,
and yet recovered to avoid a series
loss with the exception of
once in Sri Lanka in 2008.
India came back from behind
in Sri Lanka last year, and then
against Australia at home and
against South Africa, both at
home and away. In Durban late
last year, India bounced back
in style after suffering a heavy
defeat against the Proteas at
And though the past can be a
source of inspiration yet it should
not be considered a guiding light
against a ruthless opposition,
who have won 12 of their last 17
Tests while losing just two games.
The Indian batting, except for
a century by Rahul Dravid (103
not out) in the first innings and
resistance put up by VVS Laxman
(56) and Suresh Raina (78) in
the second innings to save the
match, was far from impressive
during the opening Test that
England won comfortably.
Even Sachin Tendulkar, chasing
his 100th international century,
could make little contribution.
In the absence of Zaheer, who
sustained a hamstring strain during
the Lord’s Test and was unable
to bowl after the first day,
stood approved and the entry
fees (of Rs 1,659 crore fixed in
2001 during NDA’s (National
Democratic Alliance) regime)
need not be revised,” Behura’s
counsel Aman Lekhi said in the
court. Behura has been behind
mechanism and selecting of
evaluating agency.
Under the corporate social
responsibility code as envisaged
by SCOPE, all public enterprises
will be asked to allot
a part of their profits for social
welfare measures such as building
of schools, hospitals etc.
The one-day workshop seeks
to train executives in corporate
social responsibility management.
Officials from Navaratna
companies like Hindustan Aeronautics
Limited (HAL), Oil and
Natural Gas Commission
(ONGC), Bharat Heavy Electricals
Limited (BHEL) and Steel
Authority India Limited (SAIL)
Ishant Sharma and Praveen Kumar
had to carry a huge workload
on their shoulder.
Moreover the fact that England
could subdue them so overwhelmingly
at Lord’s without
any major contributions from
openers Andrew Strauss and Alistair
Cook, as well as Eoin Morgan,
would also play on their
Going into the second Test,
Zaheer’s injury has left the door
open for either S Sreesanth or
Munaf Patel to come into the
side. While Sreesanth has the
ability to swing at good pace,
Munaf is a steady bowler and
can hold one end up.
Many experts are inclined to
put it beyond Zaheer-less Indian
bowling attack to claim 20 England
wickets even though conditions
at Trent Bridge are hugely
inclined in favour of swing
For one, this England batting
line-up is virtually without a tail
and, two, there is only as much
as the fast bowling duo of Ishant
and Praveen can do.
Meanwhile, Harbhajan’s form
is also a cause of worry. At Lord’s
the spinner ended up giving 218
runs for just a wicket.
But the Indian management
would have a tough task at hands
when they sit down to decide
who to play in tomorrow’s game,
bars for the past six months.
“Even the Finance Minister
(then P Chidambaram) was also
present in the meeting (held on
December 4, 2007). If Subbarao,
who was part of the Finance
Ministry, did commit no wrong,
Food inflation at 20‐month low of
7.33% for week ended July 16
New Delhi: Food inflation fell to its lowest
level in 20 months at 7.33 percent for the
week ended July 16 on the back of cheaper
pulses, even as other items grew more expensive.
Food inflation, as measured by Wholesale
Price Index (WPI), stood at 7.58 percent in
the previous week.
The decline could also be attributed to
the high inflation figure of 18.56 percent for
the corresponding year-ago period, a phenomenon
dubbed the ‘high base effect’ in
economic parlance.
The latest figure is the lowest since separate
data for food inflation was first released
in November, 2009.
During the week under review, prices of
pulses fell by 8 percent year-on-year. However,
prices of other items went up.
Onions became more expensive by 22.66
percent and fruits became 13.90 percent
dearer on an annual basis.
Potatoes became 10.55 percent costlier,
while milk was up 9.96 percent. Vegetable
prices were up by 7.59 percent year-on-year.
Overall, primary articles recorded inflation
of 10.49 percent for the week ended July 16,
down from 11.13 percent in the previous
week. Primary articles have a share of over
20 percent in the WPI.
However, inflation of non-food articles
went up to 16.05 percent from 15.50 percent
are participating in the workshop.
Speaking on the occasion Dr
U.D Choubey director general,
standing committee on pulic
enterprises (SCOPE) said “Public
sector companies are known
for doing the social good, if
you don’t do the social good,
there is no need for public sector
companies,” he said.
Prof Chetan V.Baxi, programme
director and former
director Management Development
Institute (MDI), Mr
Bhaskar Chatterjee, secretary,
Department of Public Enterprises
(DPE) and U.K Dikshit,
director programmes, SCOPE
were present on the occasion.
2‐day Kannada meet opens
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Mysore: District Kannada Sahitya
Parishad has organised a workshop
on Kannada research at
Kuvempu Institute of Kannada
Studies, Manasagangotri this
Inaugurating the two-day
workshop, Dr M Chidananda
Murthy said Kannada needs
more prominence and there is
an increasing need to include
the findings of the research into
language development.
He said researchers also
should update knowledge and
spread the information for the
in the previous week.
Furthermore, fibres became more expensive
by over 28 percent and oil seeds were
up 13.72 percent. Minerals became dearer
by 23.12 percent year-on-year.
Meanwhile, the index for fuel and power
stood at 12.12 percent. . The moderation in
food inflation is expected to come as a relief
for the government and the Reserve Bank,
who have adopted a series of measures for
battling inflationary pressure.
Headline inflation stood at 9.44 percent
in June. The RBI has already hiked interest
rates 11 times since March, 2010, to tame
demand and curb inflation.
In its quarterly review earlier this week,
the RBI raised its overall inflation projection
for March, 2012, to 7 percent from 6 percent
estimated earlier, “in view of the domestic
demand-supply balance, global trends in
commodity prices and the likely demand
scenario.” PTI
larger benefit of the society.
Prof K N Ganga Nayak, director
of Kananda at Manasagangotri,
Malahalli Vasantha Kumar, Prof
of Kannada along with Distric
Kannada Sahitya Parishad president
Madikere Gopal, folk scholar
Kalegowda Nagawar were
present on the occasion.
as the only other spinner in the
squad, Amit Mishra, also did not
have a great warm-up game.
The failure of the batting line
up, which includes the likes of
Gambhir, Tendulkar, Dravid and
Laxman, is also not going to
help the team’s morale.
Moreover, with tendulkar recovering
from flu and Gambhir
suffering from bruised elbow,
India can only hope that the two
key batsmen get back to full fitness
If fit, the team would be banking
heavily on Tendulkar to bail
it out of trouble, along with
Dravid and Laxman. India’s fate
would largely depend on the
trio’s performance against a potent
English attack.
Since December 6, 2009 when
India became number one Test
team, Tendulkar scored 1722 runs
from 15 Tests before the Lord’s
Test. But against a fiery English
pace attack what India need is a
strong start from the openers —
inexperienced Abhinav Mukund
and Gambhir.
It is important that India win
the toss and put up at least 450
on the board.
The pressure on England’s
batting could only be exerted
with a huge first innings total.
But a score of 450 plus is easier
said than done for India’s lower
how come I did,” Behura’s counsel
had said. “This is the danger
of taking arguments made on
behalf of an accused and treating
them as evidence and gospel
truth,” Sibal said.
The Opposition had earlier
demanded Indiann Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram’s
resignation after
former Telecom Minister A Raja
had dragged their name into the
2G scam, followed by Behura
Wednesday, in the special court
hearing the 2G scam.
“So taking the submissions
of an accused in court are self
evident, since he would like to
protect himself by any means
whatever, even on the
basis of non-existent facts,” Sibal
said. PTI
Alert cop
averts train
Muzaffarnagar: A major train
accident was averted when an
alert policeman prevented the
pedestrians to cross the railway
track after he found the level
crossing open at Bajheri on Delhi-Ambala
section, officials said
here today.
The incident took place yesterday
when the policeman found
the level crossing open for the
arrival of a Delhi-bound train
and immediately prevented the
Kawaria pilgrims to cross the
track, they said.
Meanwhile, the assistant station
master of Bamanheri railway
station, Sachin Kumar has been
suspended for negligence of duty,
they said, adding that an inquiry
has been ordered into incident.
BSY go,
says BJP
Continued from page 1
Yeddyurappa has now put forth
a condition before the high command
that he should be made
the party president, replacing K
S Eshwarappa, who could be
moved back to the ministry.
Health minister B Sriramulu arrived
at Krishna.
Simultaneously meetings took
place at the residence of tourism
minister G Janardhana Reddy
near Basaveshwara Circle.
There were 13 legislators and
two MPs who were part of the
Law and parliamentary affairs
minister Suresh Kumar, who had
gone to London along with the
legislature delegation, headed
straight to Krishna from the airport.
Last night, Yeddyurappa tried
to convince Gadkari about his
need to continue as the chief
The meeting that started
around 11 pm lasted till 2.30 am.
The chief minister was accompanied
by Eshwarappa and advocate-general
Ashok Harnalhalli.
Ananth Kumar, Sadanand
Gowda, rural development and
panachayat raj minister Jagadish
Shettar were part of the meeting.
Yeddyurappa tried to prove
through Harnahalli that the illegal
mining report had not indicted
him. But they were in no
mood to listen.
Though Yeddyurappa was told
not to convene meetings in Bangalore,
he met his close aides
and also on arrival at the Bangalore
International Airport said
he would continue with the cabinet
meeting scheduled for today
at 3.30 pm. The high command
objected to it and asked him to
scrap it. The high command was
wary that he could take a decision
to dissolve the assembly.
BJP spokesman C T Ravi in
the morning asked all MLAs not
to attend any meetings convened
by Yeddyurappa and also directed
ministers not to take part in
the cabinet meeting. The instructions
came from the party high
command, he said.
Eshwarappa, Dharmendra
Pradhan, Shettar, Yeddyurappa’s
son Vijendra, labour minister B
N Bachche Gowda and JD(S) state
president H D Kumaraswamy all
arrived in the same flight to the
Printed and published by B M Arun Kumar vide RNI Registration No. KARENG/2010/33126. Published by SAM Global Media, # 37, 1 Floor, 2nd Main, N. R. Colony, Bangalore - 560 019. Editor: B M Arun Kumar Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, #19, 15th Cross, Thyaarajanagar, Bangalore – 560 028. All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation in any language in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
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Beyond Beat
Thursday, July 28, 2011
dogsʼ place
in your life
London: Personal computers are fast taking over
the place of human beings’ long time best friend,
the family dog, a British study has found.
Researchers have found just six percent of us believe
that “most people rely more on their dog than
they do on their PC,” while 67 percent think the
opposite to be true.
Even 38 percent of dog owners confessed to relying
more on their PC than on their dog, although
36 percent disagreed. And 71 percent of 18 to 24-
year-old dog owners said they relied more on their
computer, Daily Mail reported.
According to Paul Allen, editor of Computeractive
magazine, which carried out the poll with
the Royal Society For The Protection Of Cruelty to
Animals, said: “These days you can even take your
PC for a walk, provided you have a laptop or tablet.
“It’s only a matter of time until the first PC that
fetches your slippers.”
Researchers talked to 2,000 British adults to find
out about the change modern technology has
brought to their home life. They found that male
dog owners are almost twice as likely as female
owners to rely on their computer than a canine
Allen said: “With broadband bringing them
global news and newspaper sales falling, the family
dog even misses out on the pleasure of taking
the paper to his owner.”
But it’s not all bad news for obedient dogs.
“The family PC has given dog owners access to
a wealth of resources and information that can
help with the long-term care that a dog needs,”
Allen said.
“From finding the best vets to researching
great new walks that all the family can enjoy, the
web enables the PC to become a dog’s best
friend.” IANS
Can you survive
a heart attack? It
can be predicted
Washington: Is it possible to predict whether
someone is likely to survive or die suddenly from
a heart attack? Yes, says a new study.
Researchers found that hypertension, body
mass index (BMI), heart rate and additional
markers that can be identified by an electrocardiogram
(ECG) can differentiate between dying
suddenly versus living through a heart attack.
“For some people, the first heart attack is more
likely to be their last,” said Elsayed Z Soliman, director
of the Epidemiological Cardiology Research
Centre at Wake Forest Baptist, who led the
study. “For these people especially, it is important
that we find ways to prevent that first heart attack
from ever happening because their chances of living
through it are not as good,” Soliman added,
reports the journal Heart.
“Identifying specific predictors that separate the
risk of sudden cardiac death from that of non-fatal
or not immediately fatal heart attacks would
be the first step to address this problem, which was
the basis for our study,” Soliman was quoted as
saying in a statement by Wake Forest.
Researchers analysed data from two of the
largest US cardiovascular studies – the ARIC
(Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities) and the
CHS (Cardiovascular Health Study) – containing
records for more than 18,000 participants.
Somewhere between 230,000 and 325,000 people
in the US succumb to sudden cardiac death
every year, Soliman said. Most of these sudden
deaths are caused by coronary heart disease. IANS
Bangalore Beat Bureau
Art is not for art’s sake, but has
utilitarian value too. This is what
Dutch designers, who have put
up their installations at Karnataka
Chitrakala Parishath,
want to convey.
The exhibition – Connecting Concepts,
which began on July 23 and on till Sunday
– focuses on the use of environmentally
friendly technologies for sustainable development
and living. These prototypes
once applied in real life would make living
less burdensome on Mother Earth and
will protect the environment for future generations.
“These designs highlight the relevance
of art in everyday living. These are not mere
art objects, but are ideas whose time has
come. They are designed by artists who
have highlighted the utilitarian aspects –
be it Flying Lite, Infracore Bridge, Strand
Bicycle or Open Living,” said Ed van Hinte,
curator of the exhibit on the designs on display.
It is the initiative of Premsala, the Netherlands
Institute for Design and Fashion,
Netherlands Architecture Institute and
Design Cooperation, Brainport and is part
of the Dutch fashion and architecture programme.
The exhibition has already gone to
Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai.
It is sponsored by the Netherlands ministry
of art and culture in cooperation with the
Indian ministry of art and culture.
Flying Lite is the prototype designed by
Francois Geuskens and Zeger van der Voet
from the Delft University of Technology.
This is sure to change the way people use
airways in the future. Geuskens said, “The
prototype will be about 55 percent more fuel
efficient than today’s airplanes. It has better
aerodynamics, more efficient engines,
lighter structure and an improved shape.
The most novel feature of the flight is the
use of carbon-reinforced polymers for its
body that will make the flight far lighter.
Passengers on this plane will travel in a cabin
shaped like an air mattress that accommodates
more number of people. Developing
the plane in reality will require another
30 years and will need inputs from
various organisations. But it will be a reality
sooner or later.”
The Infracore Inside makes bridges absolutely
environment friendly. They do
not get damaged during floods, last very
long and can be shifted from one place to
another. Designed by Fibercore Europe Ltd,
these are bridges of the future. They can be
easily mounted onto a truck and transported.
200 such bridges are already in use
in the Netherlands.
“This bridge has been tested and approved
for handling same kind of loads that
the traditional bridges can withstand. Its advantages
are many. It is 10 times stronger,
leaves behind three times lesser carbon
footprint as compared to its conventional
counterpart and needs no maintenance,”
Hinte said.
Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands,
is known as the bicycle and car-free
city. Strand Bicycle shows how a smart bicycle
should be designed. “Any innovation
in bicycle should surely happen in Amsterdam.
Strand Bicycle has been designed
with high-tech materials and carbon fibrereinforced
wheels,” said Tjeerd Veenhoven,
who has designed the bicycle.
“If you look at the composites of the bicycle,
they are refined structures. The
parts are functionally designed combination
of ingredients,” he added.
There is a solution for housing too here.
Architect and art designer Nanne de Ru has
designed a house by squeezing spaces.
Hinte said, “All spaces have been designed
to certain specifications and regulations.
The design makes maximum use
of daylight. It has the minimum required
floor space sitting atop a basement. One
wing contains a garage, and the other
two a master bedroom and a guest room respectively.
The ground floor has no apparent
structural façade with glass panes
fitted neatly into hidden frames.”
These are environment‐friendly designs with utilitarian value. Be it an airplane,
bridge, home or a bicycle, they have all be reinvented to leave lesser carbon
footprint. The designs or on show at an exhibit at Karnataka Chitrakala
Parishath, says L Raghunanda
The design of futuristic aircraft Flying lite.
Strand Bicycle that makes use of most modern materials and technologies.
Human brains get smaller with age
London: A new study has found that
human brains get smaller with age –
but, it’s the price people pay for a longer
life than their closest relative, the
Researchers at George Washington University
found that only humans have brains
which progressively shrink with increasing
age, and it’s uniquely human as the phenomenon
don’t occur in chimpanzees.
Loss of neurons over time may be the result
of an evolutionary trade-off — a handicap
that has to be accepted in exchange for
a long lifespan and big brain, say the researchers
led by Dr Chet Sherwood.
For their study, the researchers carried
out magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
brain scans of 99 young and old chimpanzees
aged 10 to 51. The results were compared
with MRI scans of 87 humans over an
equivalent age range of 22 to 88, the ‘Daily
Mail’ reported.
The scans showed a decrease in the
volume of all major brain structures over the
course of human life. In contrast, ageing
chimpanzees showed no significant age-related
changes to their brains.
Dr Sherwood said: “Humans may
be uniquely vulnerable to age-related
neurodegeneration, pointing to
compromises that have been struck in
the evolution of an enlarged brain and
an extended lifespan.”
Humans are uniquely prone to brain diseases
such as Alzheimer’s in later life as well
as a general decline in memory and “thinking”
skills. In addition to having bigger
brains than any other animal, humans are
unusually long lived.
Physically, humans age more slowly
than chimpanzees.
By 30, wild chimps have worn teeth, are
underweight, frail, weak, and lacking in energy.
Yet female chimps remain fertile almost
until the end of life.
The researchers added: “Although an enlarged
brain and extended lifespan have
conferred decisive fitness benefits to humans,
ultimately these adaptations come
at a cost.
These factors combine in the later stages
of life to beset many of the elderly of our
species with the effects of intensified neurodegeneration.”
The findings have been published in the
‘Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences’ journal. PTI
Thursday, July 28, 2011 NEWS & FEATURES 6
world briefs
Models wear creations by Colombian
University Students of design during
the Colombia Moda fashion show in
Medellin, Colombia.
Schoolboy kills
over freebreakfast
London: A schoolboy in Britain is facing
life sentence for murdering his former girlfriend
over a bet for a free breakfast.
Sixteen-year-old Joshua Davies was promised
a full-cooked breakfast by a friend for
carrying out his threat to murder his lover
Rebecca Aylward, 15.
Davies and Rebecca had already split
up but she visited him, hoping they would
The schoolboy, however, had plotted to
give her deadly foxgloves (flowers), drown
her in a river or throw her off a cliff.
Rebecca even bought new clothes for
the ‘date’, being unaware that Davies had
been boasting to his friends how easy it
would be to kill her, Daily Mail reported.
The murder trial heard how their teenage
love affair turned into a love-hate relationship
and finally culminating in a horrific
Davies openly plotted to murder Rebecca
by sending chilling text messages to his
friends about his plans to do it.
In one such text messages to a friend,
Davies wrote: “What would you do if I actually
did kill her?”
The friend replied: “Oh, I would buy you
Two days ahead of carrying out the murder
Davies messaged to the friend: “Don’t
say anything but you may just owe me a
Davies lured a cheerful and fun-loving
Rebecca into woods where he battered her
to death with a rock, the court heard. IANS
Ukranian man
to live with
lions for
five weeks!
London: A Ukranian man has decided to
spend five weeks in lions’ enclosure to
watch the cubs being born.
Alexander Pylyshenko, 40, decided to
move into the cage and live as the lions do
after spending years working alongside the
His moving into the lions’ enclosure
means that when the lions are fed, he will
also be fed through the cage, and will sleep
on the floorboards and playing with the
big cats for five weeks, Daily Express reported.
The Ukrainian zoo owner told the Austrian
Times : “One of the lions is pregnant
- I plan to see the cubs being born, and
spend some time with them but then I will
move out.”
“The living conditions will be absolutely
the same for the lions and me. We will
sleep on wooden floorboards and have
food given to us through bars.
“There will be four webcams planted in
the cage. They will provide both experimental
integrity and broadcast the ‘reality
show’ on the internet”, he stated.
Pylyshenko is also a keen artist and will
continue his artwork during the experiment,
and any paintings created will be sold to
raise money for the zoo. IANS
10 kids rescued
from Haitian
Santo Domingo: At least 10 children, who
were smuggled from Haiti, have been rescued
by authorities in the Dominican Republic,
a terrestrial border security unit
According to the Special Terrestrial Border
Security Unit (Cesfront), a Haitian citizen
had transported the children aged between
four and nine who managed to escape after
noticing soldiers’ presence in the province
of Dajabon bordering Haiti, Xinhua reported.
As per the resuced children’s testimony,
they came from Haitian capital Port-au-
Prince as well as the city of Cabo Haiti.
Their parents had entrusted them to a man
and a woman who smuggled them to Dominican
The special border unit said the children’s
final destination was supposed to be Santiago
City where they were headed to earn
a living for their traffickers as child beggars
on the street along with other Haitian children.
Money deposited, 17
Indians await verdict
Dubai: The 17 Indians on death row in
UAE for killing a Pakistani man were
officially pardoned today by the family
members of the deceased after an Indian
businessman deposited a sum of Rs
40.47 million in a blood money deal.
The development brings the possibility
of their being released and returned
home nearer, with the judge setting a
September 12 date for giving a verdict
in the case.
Dubai-based businessman S P Singh
Oberoi deposited the money on behalf
of the Indian community as compensation
in the Sharjah Appeals Court
hearing the case of the 2009 murder.
The development came during the
16th hearing of the case, with Rs 40.47
million (3.39 million dirhams) being
submitted as the blood money.
According to the office of the consulate-general
of India here, a representative
of the deceased named Ramadan,
signed the ‘Tanazul’ or release
document which was then accepted by
the judge.
“The process of a mutually agreeable
Fighting fire
Australiaʼs biggest
eucalyptus treeʼs
genome unlocked
Melbourne: Scientists claim to have unlocked the
genome of Australia’s biggest Eucalyptus tree – the
Flooded Gum.
The Flooded Gum is one of biggest flowering plants
in the world, growing up to 85 metres tall, yet it has a
relatively small genome of about 600 million letters
of code – about one fifth the length of the human
An international team, led by by Prof Zander Myburg
at University of Pretoria in South Africa, has, in fact,
mapped the genetic code of a specimen of Flooded
Gum from Brazil.
The team says their research would pave the way
for new breeding, biofuel and conservation opportunities.
“This is one the biggest boosts to forest research in
Australia that we have ever had,” team member Prof
Bill Foley at the Australian National University said.
He added: “Eucalyptus grandis is only the second
forest tree to have its full genome mapped. It is an important
tree in forests along the east coast of New
South Wales and Queensland and a valuable fibre resource
worldwide. It is also being considered for
biofuel programs both here and overseas.”
“This mapping is the first step to understanding
the variety seen in Eucalyptus, allowing us to select
the optimum trees for future environments.” PTI
Tracking bird calls to monitor climate change
Sydney: Automated acoustic sensors
are helping dramatically slash the
time and cost of following bird calls
to monitor the effects of climate
Until recently, ecologists wanting
to identify the presence or absence of
wildlife have had to spend days in
isolated regions, tracking bird calls
in all kinds of weather.
A Queensland University of Technology
team, working with its Institute
for Sustainable Resources, developed
automated acoustic sensors, placed
in the bush to record environmental
sounds which are then transmitted
to an online digital library.
But ecologists still faced the prospect
of sifting through many hours of
recordings and isolating bird calls
from other sounds like wind and rain
– until now, according to a Queensland
understanding led by the Indian community,
in particular, S P Singh Oberoi,
reached a closure today. The Hon’ble
Judge Abdullah Al Shamsi has now convened
the court on September 12, 2011
Zinc lozenge, the sweet
pill, for common cold?
London: Zinc lozenges have
shown promise in treating
common cold by shortening
its duration by 40 percent.
Interest in zinc lozenges
was spurred by the example
of a young girl in the early
eighties who made her common
cold go by dissolving
a zinc tablet in her mouth
instead of swallowing it.
Since then over a dozen
studies have been carried
out to find out whether zinc
lozenges are effective, but
the results of those studies
have diverged.
Harri Hemila of the University
of Helsinki, Finland, carried
out a meta-analysis of all
the placebo-controlled trials examining
their effect on common
cold infections, reports the Open
Respiratory Medicine Journal.
Of the 13 trial comparisons
identified, five used a total daily
zinc dose of less than 75 mg and
“The software filters through the
audio and isolates the parts where it
to deliver a judgement in this matter,”
a statement from the consulate-general
“Today’s developments in the Sharjah
Appeals Court were the most significant
since April 2010 when the appeal process
was initiated by the Government of India-appointed
defence lawyers,” it said.
Oberoi had said he had already submitted
a portion of this money at a previous
hearing. “We first persuaded the
victim’s family through Ramadan into
accepting compensation, which was
critical to this case,” he said. .
“Once that agreement was reached,
we just had to arrange for the remaining
amount of money to be produced in
court,” Oberoi said.
In March last year, the 17 Indians
were found guilty of beating Pakistani
national Misri Khan to death.
The 17 men held – 16 from Punjab
and one from Haryana – would still
have to serve time in jail, but a lawyer
said they may be released soon as they
have already spent more than 26 months
in prison. PTI
Firefighters prepare to reposition their ladder truck during their attack of a huge fire at a plastics manufacturing
facility in Fairfield, California. According to fire officials, the 1:15 pm blaze started in the storage yard
housing hundreds of plastic containers used for shipping agricultural products.
Tags to see how
infections spread
London: Participants at a scientific
conclave were asked to
wear a radio tag for two days to
track the pattern of their movements
and interactions – to see
how infection spreads.
A French-Italian team, including
researchers from CNRS, Inserm
and others, wanted to collect
this data to see how infection
spreads within a population.
Accordingly, 500 physicists
and epidemiologists (who study
patterns of health, infection) at
the conclave wore radio tags,
according to a CNRS statement.
They were able to communicate
through very low intensity
waves – 1,000 times weaker than
a mobile phone – between one
and two metres, when scientists
The processed data helped researchers
model the dynamic of
uniformly those five comparisons
found no effect of zinc. Three
trials used zinc acetate in daily
doses of over 75 mg, with the
average indicating a 42 percent
reduction in the duration of
Five trials used zinc salts other
than acetate in daily doses of
can identify potential species amid
the cacophony,” said Queensland doctoral
researcher Jason Wimmer.
contacts which simulated how
infection spread and, in the long
term, how a better response during
an epidemic could be organised.
Indian gets
Toronto: Canada’s Carleton University,
which has become the
prime institution in forging educational
and research exchanges
with India, has awarded
its $10,000 Commonwealth
Scholarship to an Anna University
Under the grant, researcher
Selladurai Madhiyan will travel
to Canada to work with Carleton’s
P R Sundararajan in his work
on temperature-tolerant polymers,
the Ottawa-based university
said Wednesday.
Sundararajan’s pioneering
polymer research holds major
applications in the aerospace
and microelectronic circuits industries.
The polymers he is developing
with his students could
one day be used as membranes,
filters or cushion materials in
high-temperature environments,
the university said.
Chennai-based Anna University
has an on-going research
partnership with Carleton University.
Sundararajan, who himself
comes from India, has helped
four students from Anna University
secure scholarships to
leverage their capabilities to promote
research at the top Canadian
Sundararajan said, “The partnership
with Anna University
provides hands-on training that
will have real-world benefits. We
have a lot to gain in terms of
highly qualified professionals if
these students settle in Canada
after their graduation.’’
The Commonwealth Scholarship
is part of the new thrust
that the India-Canada relationship
in education and research
has received after the signing a
higher education accord by the
two countries last year during
PM Manmohan Singh’s visit here.
Telling real whisky
from the fake
London: Scientists
have devised a faster
way of telling real
Scotch whisky from
the fake, a method that
could enhance the
technology used to
tackle the trade in illicit
whisky that causes
huge revenue losses
and threatens brand
Researchers from
the University of
Strathclyde, Britain,
analysed samples of
blended whisky with
the help of mid-infrared
The levels of ethanol
and colourant led
them to identify correctly the
genuine and counterfeit samples,
over 75 mg, with the average
indicating a 20 percent
decrease in the duration
of colds, according to a
Helsinki statement.
In several studies, zinc
lozenges caused adverse
effects, such as bad taste,
but there is no evidence
that zinc lozenges might
cause long term harm.
Furthermore, in the
most recent trial on zinc
acetate lozenges, there
were no significant differences
between the zinc
and placebo groups in the
occurrence of adverse effects
although the daily dose of
zinc was 92 mg.
Hemila concluded that since
a large proportion of trial participants
have remained without
adverse effects, zinc lozenges
might be useful for them as a
treatment option for the common
cold. IANS
“People are much better at identifying
species than computers, so we
leave the final analysis up to the human
brain. We post the audio segments
online and ask the birdwatching community
to have a go at telling us what
they are.”
Early trials have had fantastic results.
Roughly twice as many species
have been detected using this approach
than traditional surveys with
people in the field.
In one recent experiment, while
trained observers were able to detect
35 bird species using traditional bird
survey methods, the acoustic sensors
and software employed by Wimmer
picked up 61 birds in the same area.
“We can record the data using inexpensive
MP3 recorders or we can
upload it via the 3G
network,” Wimmer said. IANS
Make right to
water a law,
says UN chief
United Nations: UN Secretary-
General Ban Ki-moon has called
on all member states to integrate
the right to water and sanitation
into their body of laws, Xinhua
reported Thursday.
Ban’s statement came as he
addressed the UN General Assembly
during a plenary meeting
on the Human Right to Water
and Sanitation.
“Many of your governments
have already included the rights
to water and sanitation in your
constitutions and your domestic
legislation,” Ban said. “Those
governments that have yet to do
so should follow suit without
He said that a lack of water
and sanitation is widespread
and often devastating around
the globe.
“At any one time, close to half
of all people in developing countries
are suffering from health
problems caused by poor water
and sanitation,” he said. “Together
unclean water and poor
sanitation are the world’s second
biggest killers of children.”
Ban said that it is important
to remember that although water
according to a Strathclyde statement.
Microbesʼ tricks to
kill other bugs may
help fight disease
Ban Ki-moon
has been established in some
settings as a “right,” this does
not mean that it is supposed to
be free.
“Rather, it means that water
and sanitation services should
be affordable and available for
all, and that states must do everything
in their power to make this
happen,” he explained.
The current drought and resulting
humanitarian crisis in
the Horn of Africa, Ban noted,
serves as a reminder of the importance
of water to the very
survival of human beings. IANS
40 Americans in Somali
terror group: US senator
Washington: US senator Peter
King has said over 40 Americans
recruited by Somali terror group
Al Shabab, have gone to fight in
Somalia, and could return to attack
US homeland, Xinhua reported.
King, chairman of the House
Homeland Security Committee,
made the statement at a hearing
he conducted on radicalisation.
The lawmaker said Al Shabab
is linked with al-Qaida, and
“they’re training together, working
together and the threat
is that they would be coming
back to attack the United States,”
said King. IANS
“The whisky industry
has tools
(that)...involve labbased
which isn’t always
the most convenient
system if a sample
needs to be identified
quickly,” said
David Littlejohn
who led the research
at Strathclyde.
“There’s a growing
need for methods
that can provide
simpler and
faster identification
and we have developed
a method
which could be
adapted for devices to use on
site,” he said. IANS
London: Microbes too employ
underhand methods to kill off
other bugs, rivals and competitors,
and this ability could some
day be used to target diseasecausing
germs, say scientists.
P aeruginosa, for instance, the
bug that infects the lungs of
cystic fibrosis patients, deploys
a toxin delivery machine to
breach competitors’ cell walls
and make them burst like an
overfilled water balloon.
The bug relies on an inbuilt
needle-like puncturing device
called the type VI secretion system
(T6SS), to do this tricky job,
the journal Nature reports.
“Competition among bacteria
is brutal and fierce,” says study
author Alistair Russell, National
Science Foundation fellow at the
lab of Joseph Mougous, assistant
professor of microbiology, University
of Washington, who led
the study.
“By killing off competitors, P
aeruginosa widens its territory.
Moreover, the better able it is to
outlast other bacteria in the environment,
the better chance it
has of coming in contact with,
and colonizing, people,” said
The study also confirms previous
observations of the evolutionary
similarity between the
T6SS needlelike delivery mechanism
and bacteriophage – viruses
that infect bacteria.
Russell explained: “We might
be able to take helpful
bacteria, give them this system
genetically, and increase their
ability to clear out professional
pathogens - those bacteria that
make their living causing
disease.” IANS
Thursday, July 28, 2011
ollywood superstar
Salman Khan has agreed
to be a part of Hema Malini’s
directorial venture “Tell
Me O Khuda”.
“Salman Khan has been very
gracious to be a part of my film
‘Tell Me O Khuda’. What an
adorable person!!!!” the veteran
actress said the star in her post
on Twitter.
The film is said to be Hema’s
attempt to re-launch her daughter
Esha Deol. It tracks the story
of a girl’s passionate quest to
know her origins.
The film also stars Dharmendra,
Vinod Khanna, Rishi
Kapoor, Arjan Bajwa and Chandan
Roy Sanyal.
Hilton, Lohan
friends again!
ʻHorrible Bossesʼ
sequel planned
irector Seth Gordon
is planning to
make a sequel to
Jennifer Aniston starrer
“Horrible Bosses”.
The movie has grossed
$82.6 million on the domestic
box office since its
July 8 release and now
Gordon is planning to reunite
the cast with a sequel,
“We’re talking about
it,” Gordon told USA Today.
In the original film,
Aniston played a sexually
aggressive dentist who harasses
one of her male
employees played by Charlie
Schwarzeneggerʼs son
released from hospital
ctor and former California
governor Arnol
son Christopher, who met with
an accident on July 17, has been
released from hospital.
“Blessed to be able to take
Christopher out of the hospital.
What a feeling of relief knowing
that he’s going to be fine,”
Christopher’s mom Maria Shriver
confirmed on her Twitter account. reports that
Arnold also took to his twitter
page to thank the medical staff
who treated his son.
“I knew Christopher couldn’t
be stopped! Big thanks to all the
doctors, nurses & staff at UCLA
that helped him recover,” he
Paola Turbay plays a
witch in ʻTrue Bloodʼ
ctress Paola Turbay has
joined the cast of “True
ABlood”, a popular US television
series, in the role of
Antonia, a 17th century witch.
In the HBO fantasy series about
vampires and werewolves and
their passionate love lives, Turbay
plays “a role very different
from me, although sometimes
at home they call me a witch”,
she laughingly remarked during
a telephone interview with
EFE from Los Angeles.
However, she added that the
role is “a challenge because of
its complexity and depth”.
Antonia is a victim of the
Inquisition, a spirit who is not
at peace and who now arrives
to complicate the lives of the
protagonists, a telepath played
by Anna Paquin and a vampire
portrayed by Stephen Moyer.
Turbay, who was born in
Houston to Colombian parents,
was crowned Miss Colombia
in 1991 and the next year was
a Miss Universe finalist.
After finishing her studies
in psychology, she focused on
her modeling and show business
television news anchor
Her work as an actress began
in 2002 with a role in the soap
opera “Las noches de Luciana”,
while her official entry into the
English-language market came
in 2007 with the acclaimed TV
series “Cane”. Although it only
ran for a year, it made a very
good impression on critics and
ocialite Paris Hilton and
troubled actress Lindsay
Lohan have reportedly
rekindled their friendship.
The two met at Malibu beach
house this weekend, and if the
reports are to be believed,
Hilton is thrilled to have finally
buried her differences with Lohan.
“Paris is very excited. She
loved seeing her again,”
quoted a source
as saying. “Everyone was so
surprised when Lindsay walked
in and we thought they didn’t
get along. But they immediately
gave each other a big hug.”
They have had a turbulent
relationship for over five years.
Lohan branded Hilton “mean”
after she poked fun at the actress’
arrest over the theft of a
necklace from an upmarket
ctress Thandie Newton
will soon make her debut
in a West End production
of political thriller “Death and
the Maiden”.
The “Crash” star will make
her big stage debut as Paulina,
a former political prisoner traumatised
by a captor she never
saw, who sets out to seek revenge
years later, reports
The show, a revival of Ariel
Dorfman’s 1990 play, will be
directed by Jeremy Herrin and
begin previews at the Comedy
theatre Oct 13.
ocialite Kim Kardashian
admits it’s hard work to
maintain her stunning
figure and keep a strict watch
on what she eats.
The 30-year-old says her
love for food means she has
to work out very regularly to
stop her from gaining weight,
which isn’t always easy, reports
“I love to eat, but I also
love to work out, so hopefully
they cancel each other out. If
I need to get in shape for a
photo shoot or to get back
into my bikini, I cut back on
processed foods and carbs for
two weeks,” she said.
“It’s hard because I really
love food and have a really
sweet tooth. My weakness is
ice cream and frozen yoghurt,”
she added.
Thandie Newton to
make stage debut
Kim Kardashian works
hard to maintain figure
Thursday, July 28, 2011 LIFESTYLE 8
f all goes well, Amitabh Bachchan
will soon be seen in a Rajasthani
movie and the megastar admits
he will have to make an extra effort
to learn the language.
“In between all this trying to make
efforts on taking up the offer of Komal
Nahata for his Rajasthani film that
he had proposed somedays ago,”
Big B posted on his blog
“Language, is where I shall have
to work most seriously - the Rajasthani
language! Will make effort.
Lets see!!” he added.
Komal Nahata is a trade analyst
and he has also starred in the 2010
comedy “Tees Maar Khan”.
Till date, the 68-year-old Bachchan
has done just one regional film and
that too a cameo in Malayalam movie
inger Beyonce Knowles
thinks Lady Gaga is the best
pop star in the world.
“I love Gaga. I mean, if she didn’t
perform and she wasn’t a singer,
just as a human being I love her
to death. But on top of it, she is
the most talented pop star right
now, and I’m so happy for her,” quoted her as
“It’s just really inspiring to see
someone who just creates their
own destiny and comes up with
their own looks and writes their
own songs and choreography and
is in control and is not contrived,”
she added.
Beyonce had collaborated with
Gaga last year for “Telephone”.
“If you took away every bit of
costume and she just sat in front
of a piano, she would still tear it
down. She’s just that talented,
and she deserves it all. And I’m
just happy to work with her. I
love her,” she said.
Big B may feature in
Rajasthani movie
inger Rihanna has been
named woman of the year
by Italian Vogue magazine.
Rihanna was honoured for her
charity work, pop success and her
ability to tackle adversity in personal
life, including troubled relationships
with ex-boyfriend Chris
Brown and drug addict father
Ronald Fenty.
“Independent, energetic, the
young Robyn Rihanna Fenty (only
23) is our woman of the year, and
not just by virtue of numbers and
figures but also, and foremost, for
her kind and fighting spirit,”
quoted a spokesperson
from the magazine as saying.
“The same spirit that brought
her from Barbados to the top of
the music charts achieving a career
which she has forged and mastered
completely by herself (whose last
move was to become the new ambassador
for Armani),” it said.
“Rihanna is the undisputed best
contender to the role of queen of
pop. Her career has always been
based on the cunning use of sexiness
and provocation.
“She has managed to cultivate
her career despite the many
tragedies affecting her private life:
from her father’s addiction to crack
... to the violence caused to her in
2009 by her then-boyfriend, Chris,”
the spokesperson added.
Rihanna had first graced the
cover of the fashion magazine in
September 2009.
Rihanna named
woman of the year
anjay Dutt is still getting
plum roles after three
decades in Bollywood and
a life dotted with controversies.
He is happy with his professional
graph but says that the film industry
is no longer the family it
used to be and that the changing
attitudes of people upset him.
“A lot of changes have taken
place in the industry and I sometimes
feel very sad with most of
them. When we were introduced
to the industry, there used to
be competition among actors,
but there used to more respect,”
Sanjay, who made his acting
debut with “Rocky” in 1981, told
IANS in an interview.
“There used to be more togetherness.
The film industry
used to be a family. Now that is
not the case. It has become a
dirty game now. I’m not a part
of that game, I do my own stuff,
but I have noticed that and it is
very sad,” added the actor who
has so far worked in more than
130 movies.
The 51-year-old, who has a
pair of twins with wife Manyata,
does not follow the so-called
camp system and believes in
working with all.
“I’m not here to mend things
or break things. I consider every
actor my brother. I still consider
this industry my family. I don’t
believe in camps and all that.
Shah Rukh (Khan) gave me respect,
so I will respect him too.
Similarly Salman (Khan) gave
me respect, so I respect him.
All are my brothers and I don’t
believe in anything else,” he
Sanjay shot for a cameo appearance
for Shah Rukh’s ambitious
home production
“Ra.One” and he has teamed
up with Salman to co-host the
fifth season of “Bigg Boss”.
The actor, whose life has seen
many personal problems, tries
to stay out of the rat race and
industry-related controversies.
He was convicted for illegal possession
of arms in connection
with the 1993 Mumbai blasts.
He has never been very media-savvy.
Even in today’s age
when promoting films and being
in the spotlight is considered
integral to a film’s promotion,
the actor of films like “Naam”,
“Sadak”, “Khal Nayak”, “Vaastav”
and “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S”
rarely indulges in promotional
When asked why, Sanjay,
popularly called Sanju Baba,
replied: “There is no reason. I
think it’s just that I’m very lazy.
Also, I feel that a film speaks
for itself. But it’s quite confusing
because it is important to inform
the audiences also and create
curiosity around the film. I think
I just need to stop being lazy
Looks like he is willing to
change. Sanjay is taking part
in the promotion of his forthcoming
release film “Chatur
Singh – Two Star”, based on
the novel “Chalaak Jasoos”.
Air hostess warns
Cheryl against Ashley
flight attendant who
claimed to have a fling
with footballer Ashley
Cole has written to his former
wife, singer Cheryl Cole, telling
her “you deserve better” than
Ashley and Cheryl were married
in 2006. Two years later,
there were reports of Ashley
having affairs with othe women.
The couple divorced in 2010.
Now, they could be getting back
In the letter published in Reveal
magazine, air hostess Kerry
Meades tells Cheryl, 28, that
“she (Cheryl) deserves better”
and that she feels “awful because
he has let you down
Meades said she slept with
the Chelsea striker just days
before Ashley flew home to celebrate
Cheryl’s 28th birthday,
where the former couple were
seen kissing and canoodling,
fuelling speculation they would
get back together.
Film industry has become a
dirty game now: Sanjay Dutt
Meandes, who claims to have
met Cheryl on several flights
in the past, said she first slept
with Ashley back in 2005 before
meeting up with him last month
while he was on a holiday in
Los Angeles.
ineteen-year-old Akhina Mooken has
been crowned as Miss India-Canada
The Toronto-area girl defeated 15 contenders
from across Canada to win the
crown at the 21st annual Miss India-Canada
Pageant here.
Actress Lisa Ray, who was the guest of
honour at this year’s event, was presented
with the Special Achievement Award for
her contribution to cinema. Toronto-born
Ray, who has just recovered from a cancer
of white blood cells, thanked the organizers
for the award.
One of the major cultural events of the
ctor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar
says he has been asked to
join the advisory panel of the
Trinamool Congress’ youth wing to
give suggestions on cultural activities
and clarified that he’ll not be involved
in any in hardcore political
“The Media has reported that I
have joined the Trinamool Congress
Youth Wing. The truth is that I have
been asked to be a member on an
advisory board for cultural activities,
in my capacity as an actor/filmmaker,”
Farhan wrote on his Twitter
“This is in my understanding, to
be an apolitical board. I hope this
will clear my stand on this decision
once and for all,” he wrote.
West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool
Congress has formed a youth wing
to be led by Chief Minister Mamata
Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee.
The youth wing has decided to
conduct a membership drive across
the country while roping in personalities
like Farhan, tennis star Leander
Paes and tech evangalist Sam
Pitroda as advisors.
No politics, only
advisor on cultural
affairs: Farhan
Toronto girl is Miss
Lisa Ray honoured
Indo-Canadian community across Canada,
the annual beauty pageant draws a huge
response as it features high-voltage musical
performances, songs, catwalks and quizzing
of the contestants.
Many of the past winners, including Kamal
Sidhu, Ruby Bhatia and Gita Bali ,
went on to make a name for themselves in
Bollywood, music and television.
During more than four hours which involves
cocktails, dinner, dances and music,
contestants were first put through three
segments of the pageant - Indian Dress,
Evening Gown, and Talent.
They were then shortlisted to five. After
I love Gaga,
sheʼs most
talented: Beyonce
intervals of music and dance, the five finalists
were put though the final questionand-answer
Nineteen-year-old Akhina Mooken, who
was finally crowned Miss India-Canada,
will have a free trip to India, apart from
various awards.
Bestowing the crown on her, event organizer
Sanjay Agnihotri said Mooken will
work with with various social organizations
in Canada and India.
Started by the late Punjabi businessman
Kush Agnihotri, the Miss India-Canada pageant
is the biggest and oldest Indian beauty
show in North America.