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Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme
2011-06-10 09:06:25 GKToday
Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme (MMA)
The Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme (MMA) was formulated in 2000-01, by
bringing together under one umbrella 27 centrally sponsored schemes relating
to cooperatives, crop production programmes, watershed development programmes,
horticulture, fertilizer, mechanization and seeds.
This scheme was revised and its role was redefined in 2008-09. The Revised scheme
has 10 Sub-schemes which are related to crop production and natural resource
Following are some salient features of this scheme:
1. Practice of allocating funds to States/UTs on historical basis has been replaced by new allocation criteria based on gross cropped
areaand area under small and marginal holdings
2. The Central assistance is provided to the States/UTs as 100 per cent grant;
3. Rationalization of the subsidy structure to make the pattern of subsidy uniform under all the schemes implemented by the
Department of
4. Agriculture & Cooperation
5. The subsidy norms for states have been revised.
6. The areas which are not covered under ISOPOM are covered by MMA as a new component.
7. The revised MMA seeks active participation of all tiers of the Panchayati Raj institutions (PRIs).
10 Sub schemes of the MMA are as follows:
Integrated Cereal Development Programme for Rice, Wheat and Coarse Cereals
Integrated Cereal Development Programme for Pulses and Oilseeds
Sustainable Development of Sugarcane Based Cropping System
Farm Mechanization
Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Area (NWDPRA)
River Valley Project & Flood Prone River (RVP & FPR)
Reclamation & Development of Alkali & Acid Soil (R&DAAS)
State Land Use Board (SLUB)
Primary Market Activities and Extension Activities
Current Affairs – June 11, 2011
2011-06-11 12:06:20 GKToday
New Framework guidelines for Eco-tourism
The Ministry of Environment and Forests has come up with a detailed set of framework guidelines for eco-tourism, in which it asks the state
Governments to check unplanned tourism in and around natural eco-systems in the country.
The states have been asked to prepare site-specific eco-tourism plan for each of the protected area. Further, the guidelines also have asked
the states to levy local conservation cess on all the privately run tourist facilities within 5 kms of the boundary of the protected area.
All states have been asked to notify their own State-level Eco-tourism Strategy by December 31 , 2011 and place the same in the public
domain in local languages.
The temple boards of pilgrimage sites located in Protected areas have been asked to give a minimum of five percent of their gross revenue
for development of local communities through the Panchayat and Gram Sabha.
Indian Delegation reaches Sri Lanka for talks on Tamil rehabilitation
A high level Indian Government delegation has reached Sri Lanka to discuss an array of bilateral issues with the Sri Lankan Officials.
The most important issues between India and Sri Lanka at the moment are :
Progress in the rehabilitation of war affected Tamils in the northern province
Devolution package based on 13th amendment of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
Reconciliation process with the Tamils.
The Indian delegation has the following people:
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao
Defence Secretary Pradeep Kumar
National Security Advisor, Shiv Shankar Menon.
Apart from a meeting with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the delegation is also expected to have meeting with representatives of
Tamil parties and the opposition groups in Sri Lanka.
MF Hussain laid to rest
Renowned painter Maqbool Fida Husain , who died recently at the age of 95 was laid to rest at the Brooklyn cemetery, Woking in London.
40% Rise in Cotton Acreage in Country
As per the latest data released, Cotton has been sown in 20.14 lakh hectares of area as compared to 14.41 lakh hectares last year, which
records a 40% rise in the acreage under cotton cultivation in the country.
Sugarcane has been planted in 50.44 lakh hectares of area till date as compared to 48.63 lakh hectares at this point of time last year,
showing 4% rise.
India’s 1st Senior National Hockey Championship
Hockey India’s first Senior National Hockey Championship (Men) 2011 has started in Bhopal .
Rajanarasimha is the new Deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh:
Andhra Pradesh Higher Education Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha was elevated as Deputy Chief Minister of the state.
The 53-year old Congress leader from Telangana region, also holds the charge of Agriculture as an additional Portfolio at present has held
important portfolios in the last three cabinets in the state.
Haryana Government bans Maruti Strike
The state Government of Haryana passed prohibitory orders to impose a ban on the strike in Maruti Suzuki India.
The state government has also referred the matter of the employees’ strike to the local labour court under the provisions of the Industrial
Disputes Act, 1947.
The Manesar plant has been chanced upon with the strike, in which some 2,000 workers gone off the work , leading to a production loss of
about 800 units a day. This strike is in 7 th day on June 11, 2011 and till now the reported loss is around 270 Crore Rupees.
New IIP Index
The CSO has launched a new series of India’s Index of Industrial production (IIP).
The Base Year of the new IIP is 2004-05 and it comprises 682 items.
As per India’s Chief Statistician T C A Anant , the new IIP index will give a better picture of growth in various sectors of the economy because
it is more broader.
The base Year till now was 1993-94 and it was not usable as the list contained an array of outdated items such as typewriters and tape
The new list contains some new items such as cell phones and ipods also.
What caused E. coli outbreak in Germany?
The German officials have held contaminated sprouts as source of E. Coli, which claimed the live of 30 people and affected more than 2800
people recently.
The above conclusion was stated by the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Mr. Reinhard Burger, who initially pointed the source among the
Spanish sprouts and vegetables.
V for Peace-n-Harmony
Volunteers for Peace and Harmony (V for Peace-n-Harmony) has been launched by National Foundation for Communal Harmony
(NFCH) with an aim to create a network of volunteers.
The programme in inspired from the Gandhism and the event coincides with 10th anniversary of international year of volunteers
(IYV-2001) being celebrated by the United Nations.
Demand to rename Dadar Junction as Chaityabhoomi
Nationalist Congress Party, which is partner in Maharashtra’s ruling coalition, puts a demand to rename Mumbai’s major railway junction at
Dadar as Chaityabhoomi in honour of late Dalit icon B.R. Ambedkar.
Women in Indian armed Forces
The 1.4-million-strong armed forces have about 2,000 women officers in their ranks. The army counts 2.5 percent women in its ranks, the
navy 3 percent and the IAF over 7 percent.
What is Goondas act?
The Goondas act is related to the Union Territory of Pondicherry. It was given
assent by the President on 2010, and the state officials have now made the first
arrest under this act, which is now being implemented in the Puducherry and
Karaikal regions.
Current Affairs : June 12, 2011
2011-06-17 03:06:26 GKToday
India clinches five-match ODI series against West Indies
Jyoti Dey:
A senior journalist working with an English tabloid “Mid-Day” in
Mumbai was shot dead.
He extensively covered underworld and crime for over two
Book: He wrote a book titled ‘Zero Dial’ on the underworld.
Singhey Khababs Festival:
A 3-day long Hindu festival ;
Celebrated in: The Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir annually ;
Began on 12 th June, 2011
Meeting on Electoral Reforms in NE States held in Guwahati:
7 th meeting on electoral reforms comprising the 8 NE states held in
Organized by: Union Law Ministry in collaboration with the Election
Agenda of the Meeting: To discuss important issues relating to the poll panel’s initiatives to check criminalisation of politics,
funding and better management of polls and regulation of political parties.
Current Union Law Minister – Mr. Virappa Moilly , Chief Election Commissioner : S.Y. Quraishi
World’s shortest man
Guinness Book of World Records declared a Filipino: Junrey Balawing as the
world’s shortest man;
Measures : Just under 60 centimeters.
SAARC Meeting:
South Asian Free Trade Agreement;
SAARC meeting of its commerce ministers in Maldives.
The SAARC agreement on trade in services has so far been ratified by
Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka i.e. 4 out of 8 Members
Members of SAARC: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives,
Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Total 8 Members
Commerce and Industry Minister of India : Mr. Anand Sharma
Govt to extend DEPB scheme for 3 more months:
DEPB : Duty Entitlement Passbook;
The Govt likely to extend the tax relief for exporters under DEPB scheme
for another 3 months, from its 30th of June deadline
Trials begin of upgraded ‘Arjun’:
Arjun: India’s main battle tank;
The advanced version ‘Arjun Mark 2′ most likely be inducted next year
into the Indian Army;
Some Features : Phenomenal launching capabilities for its missiles,
explosive armor panels, enhanced auxiliary power unit, mine plough,
advanced system for land navigation, auto target tracking and digital
control and other features.
Indian Police to acquire 3D technology from US
Indian Police to get latest 3D imagery technology from the United States
Will equip Police force with modern weaponry and hi-tech systems.
Modern global positioning system devices, Laser range finders, 3D imaging
warfare technology and latest thermal imagers.
The 3D technology – modern imagery system that can capture even images
of an interior of a building.
Agriculture Ministry to put into action a particular program to boost the
area under Palm farming
Will lift Palm Oil Production 3 Lakh Tonnes in 5 Years.
Special programme to increase the area under palm farming by 60,000
hectares to over 2.11 lakh hectares, from the current 1.71 lakh hectares.
300-crore rupee programme is to be implemented in eight states.Under the
12th Five Year Plan
The ministry is giving particular attention to oilseed production in the
country, which continues to insulate consumption despite fresh efforts at
boosting production.
In 2010-11, Oilseed production to exceed 30 million tonnes , comparable to
about 8 million tonnes of edible oil.
The country still has to import more than the domestic production to meet
up consumption needs.
In the 2010-11 financial year, India’s edible oil imports stood at 8.82 million
tonnes – 82 lakh tonnes more than the total domestic production.
Current Affairs June 13, 2011
2011-06-17 10:06:26 GKToday
NDT collection declines by 48 percent
For the first 2 months of this fiscal The Gross Direct Tax (GDT) collection was up
by 37 %
The Net Direct Tax (NDT) collection declined by 48% in the same time period.
As per the data released by the Finance Ministry, the decline in the NDT was due
to more than 200% rise in tax refunds given by the IT Dept in the month of April-
NDT = GDT – Refunds
Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award
Social Activist Niketu Iralu from Nagaland has been chosen for the Upendra Nath
Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award for 2011
Niketu Iralu (75 Years old) is Chairman of Naga Reconciliation Committee
Award conferred by: The UN Brahma Trust
Iralu is renowned peace maker among the Naga people and had been the key
figure in spreading the Moral Rearmament Movement in 1957.
As a member of the International Initiative of Change he has been working for
peace at least in more than 30 countries
He received the prestigious Gopi Nath Bordoloi National award in 2005.
Income Certificate issued by MLA will also be accepted to issue monthly
Tickets: Railway Ministry
Income Certificate issued by MLAs will also be accepted to issue monthly Season
Tickets for the benefit of persons working in unorganized sectors.
Facility in addition to the 5 kinds of certificates already permitted under its ‘Izzat’
The Railway issues a monthly pass of Rs 25 for the distance of 100 KM to benefit
the people earning less than fifteen hundred rupees in unorganized sector.
Latest provisions of the scheme will be effective from next month.
WB govt to discuss Singur bill
Bill seeks to revoke the Singur lease contract with the Tatas and take back the
land leased to them.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that her government is dedicated to
return the 400 acre to unenthusiastic farmers and the residual nearly 600 acre for
State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority for Kerala
The centre approved for the terms of reference for carrying out the environmental
impact assessment of the Vizhinjam Trans Shipment Port project near
Mr Jairam Ramesh (The Union Minister of Environment and Forests) said that the
environmental impact assessment will be done at the site already selected by the
Kerala Government.
Kerala Govt has agreed to set up the State Environmental Impact Assessment
Authority and the State Expert Appraisal Committee.
Centre in dialogue with World Bank and UNDP for a Rs 90 Crore grant for the reestablishment
of the Vembanad Eco System and Rs 10 crore rupees will be
sanctioned immediately for starting the desilting, sewage treatment and pollution
control work in the lake.
In Japan Radioactive strontium found in groundwater
Highly toxic radioactive strontium found in groundwater near the Fukushima
nuclear plant.
First time the substance has been detected in groundwater near the plant’s No:1
and No:2 reactors.
Strontium up to 240 times the legal limit.
Strontium accumulates in bones and can cause bone cancer and leukaemia.
Strontium (Sr) Atomic No: 38 in Periodic Table
Sr is an Alakaline Earth Metal, soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically.
Turns yellow when exposed to air.
Strontium-90 ( 90 Sr) isotope is present in radioactive fallout and has a half-life of 28.90
Current Affairs June 14 , 2011
2011-06-19 07:06:30 GKToday
S.M.Krishna in Kazakhstan for SCO
S M Krishna (External Affairs Minister India) in Astana to attend the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization (SCO)-11th Summit.
Kazakhstan’s capital : Astana
SCO is expected to roll out the Memorandum of Obligations that the new aspirant
members need to fulfill in order to become full members.
The SCO is now in the process to finalize rules for taking in new members.
India keen to play larger role in SCO.
Areas of interest for India: Counter-Terrorism and Economic development of the
region in addition to focusing on improving transport corridors amongst affiliate
SCO founded on June 15, 2001
SCO members: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Observers: India, Iran, Pakistan and Mongolia
For River Ganga Cleaning Project World Bank to extend $1 billon Loan to
World Bank and India signed 3 agreements in New Delhi for cleaning the Ganga
WB will provide $1 billon for the River Ganga cleaning project
Besides this Credit worth approx $24 millon dollars will be given for the two
projects: Strengthening Rural Livelihoods and Biodiversity Conservation in the
Objective of Ganga project: To prevent the flow of untreated municipal sewage
and industrial runoff into the Ganga by 2020.
2 protected areas, one each in Uttarakhand and Gujarat, will put in place a
complete new model of managing the protected areas while safeguarding the
livelihoods of local communities.
The new models will be later applied in other areas of the country as well.
Investments to be made in 4 key sectors:
wastewater collection and treatment
industrial pollution control
solid waste management
riverfront management
The Ganga basin accounts for almost 1/4 of the country’s landmass
This basin is abode to ~ 400 million people.
The Ganga faces immense challenges from increasing population, urbanization
and industrial growth, apart from ever growing pollutants.
National Athletics Championship: Kerala overall champion
Kerala overall champions in National Senior Inter-State Athletics Championships
concluded in Bangalore.
Asian Games gold medalist of Uttar Pradesh won gold in women’s 3000 m
India-Slovenia sign 3 agreements
India and Slovenia signed 3 agreements.
One on cooperation in the field of Education, Science and
The other two are shared promotion and protection of
investments including an MoU between BIS (Bureau of Indian
Standards) and Slovenian Institute for Standards.
The agreements were signed after the delegation level talks b/w PM Dr M. Singh
and his Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor in New Delhi.
In the previous 5 years, the bilateral trade amid India and Slovenia has quadrupled
to €245 million
India seeks admission in Central and SE-European markets via the European
Mr Pahor to travel to Agra and then to Bangalore tol visit the IIS (Indian Institute of
Science), Infosys, Biocon and Narayana Hrudayalaya.
Slovenia, a part of the former Yugoslavia, announced Independence in 1991.
It was recognised by India in May 1992.
Agriculture credit flow of Government goes past target by 14%
Agriculture credit flows surpassed its target by about 14% to over Rs 4,26,000
Crore in last financial year.
Target of agricultural credit disbursal at Rs 3,75,000 Crore during 2010-11.
Target for the current financial year fixed at Rs 4,75,000 Crore.
Banks asked to step up direct lending, particularly to small and marginal farmers.
GOI providing crop loans at concessional interest rates since 2006-07.
A Voluntary Code of Conduct adopted by more than 1,500 companies in
private sector
Above 1,500 companies in the private sector adopted a voluntary code of conduct
for implementation of affirmative action.
Disclosed by the industry associations during the Review Meeting of the
Coordination Committee on Affirmative Action in the Private Sector, chaired by
TKA Nair (Principal Secretary to Prime Minister) in New Delhi.
Under the Programme 1,12,702 persons have benefited so far.
The action has four major points (4Es):-
Entrepreneurship Development
FICCI and ASSOCHAM appointed Ombudsman to monitor the progress, CII in the
process of doing so.
For implementation of the 4E Programme:
CII adopted district of Nawashahar in Punjab and Cooch Behar in West Bengal
FICCI adopted Sonbhadra in UP
Focus: Skill improvement and livelihood support for deprived population in
these districts.
The Industry Associations also supporting Mid Day Meal programmes and