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10 - 16 May 2012
Catriona Doherty
has a secret dream of
being famous (shh,
don’t tell anyone!)
so this week she
took a step in the
right direction and
signed up to be a film
extra (page 17). She also
learned some nifty self-defence moves
(page 24) before enjoying a night out
at Hemingway’s (page 20).
This week Megan has
been stuffing her face
with some yummy
new additions to
the menu at Stills
on Yas Island
(page 20). She
also caught up
with the organisers
of the Shababna wa
Shebna summer camp (page 7). Then
she set about gathering all the news
that’s new and approved for your
reading pleasure (page 7).
The little things in life
This week we’d like to dedicate this
column to all readers who could use a little
stress management.
With temperatures rising in the capital,
tempers can easily sizzle out of control.
We’re all busy running around trying to
get a million things done in each 24-hour
period. But let’s try and take a moment and
ask ourselves whether we really need to
sweat the small stuff.
We’re just as guilty as the next person of
getting wrapped up in our own problems,
but we’ve found a little reality check helps
every now again.
For example, I’ve been moaning (a lot)
this week about an injured shoulder and
how it stops me from doing circuits in the
gym. I’ve impinged a tendon – big deal. In
a few weeks, after a bit of physio I’ll be ok,
unlike a friend of mine who has just lost his
chance to play for a professional baseball
team after tearing his shoulder muscle.
Your job is awful? You’re surrounded by
imbeciles, not paid enough and your boss is
crazy? Think about all the people without
work or working for minimum wage, suffering
the effects of a double-dip recession.
My point is, let’s just take a look around
us before we overreact to a problem and
start getting upset. There really are bigger
things to worry about.
So this week, when a delivery guy arrives
a little late with your take out; the petrol
pump attendant takes a little longer than
normal to come and serve you or the
waitress makes a mistake with your order,
take a moment and ask yourself: is this
really a big deal?
And breathe …
Megan Wynes
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7 News
Start summer on Sir Bani Yas
17 Strut your stuff!
20 Mover and shaker
UAE’s first female architect Gulizar Jonian
19 People and places
Al Yasmina Charity May Ball
20 Restaurant
Posh nosh at Stills
This week Sawaiba
was in the mood for
giggles when she
sat down with the
hilarious Stephen
Frost to chat
about his upcoming
performance in the
improvisation show Whose
Line Is It Anyway? (page 8). After that,
she got her fill of the cinema when she
checked out some of this week’s silver
screen offerings, read her verdict on
whether they’re a hit or miss (page
22). Finally, she chatted with Vicki
Wong to find out just how much she
loves the Capital (page 28).
framed | Alan Helmore
24 Lifestyle review
Self defence tips
25 Feature
Smarter than the average phone
26 Competitions
28 Back chat
30 Miscellaneous
34 Property
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10 - 16 May 2012
This week’s hot happenings in the capital
Monday 14th May
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Get ready for a laugh-out-loud evening
of comedy at the InterContinental Hotel
Abu Dhabi. Five fantastic international
comedians (Stephen Frost, Steve Steen,
Niall Ashdown, Ian Coppinger and Andy
Smart) will work with suggestions shouted
out by the audience, improvising clever
comedy sketches on the spot! Based on the
popular TV show of the same name, this
is sure to be an evening of spontaneous
comedy at its finest. This hilarious event
is for one night only in the Abu Dhabi
Auditorium at the InterContinental Hotel!
Kicking off from 8pm, tickets are AED 150.
For more information call: 800 IC DINE
(800 423 463)
Noteworthy ...
Thursday 10th May
Journeys – NYUAD student exhibition
New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)
is showcasing creative student work
in the field of Arts and Humanities
during a reception from 5pm to 9pm
at the university’s downtown campus.
Open to the public, the reception will
highlight a range of student achievements
through short film screenings, musical
performances, visual arts displays and
other creative work. For more information
Thursday 10th May
Gareth Emery and Sander Van Doorn
Gareth Emery and Sander van Doorn
are two of dance music’s hottest
DJs, famed as much for their unique
collaborations as their success in
pumping dance floors around the world.
This will be the first show that FLASH
has produced inside Allure by Cipriani
at Yas Marina, and it promises to be a
night to remember. For more information
Friday 11th May
A Night at the Copacabana
Aussies Abroad Abu Dhabi invites you to A
Night at the Copacabana. An evening of cool
mixed beverages, a delicious three-course
Latin menu, entertainment, dancing and raffle
prizes! “Wear yellow feathers in your hair, and
a dress cut down to there....” Hosted at The
Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa from
7pm. For more information visit:
Saturday 12th May
Charity Flea Market
Check out this indoor charity flea
market from 9am to 2pm in the Arzanah
Ballroom at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi.
Table fees go to support the Glorious
Orphanage in Tanzania. With a huge
variety of quality wares to sift through,
you’re sure to nab a bargain! For more
information call: 02 677 3333
Until Sunday 13th May
Moroccan Festival at
Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan
The first Moroccan Festival to be held at
the hotel, this will be an event to indulge
the senses! Taste typical Moroccan
home-style family cooking, treat yourself
with ethnic jewellery and clothing at the
bazaar, gaze upon paintings, arts and
crafts created by traditional artisans
or simply take home a souvenir to
treasure. Daily until 13th May. For more
information call: 02 657 0000
More events at
Sponsored by
Skylite DOOMPH!
Yas Viceroy, Yas Island
02 656 0000
Immaculate Touch Pool Party
Al Maya Island, From 1pm
055 650 6337
Gala Choral and Orchestral Concert
Brighton College Theatre, 6pm
All About Mama
La Mamma, Sheraton Khalidiya
02 677 3333
Tapas Fiesta
Park Inn by Radisson, 6pm to 11pm
02 656 2222
Cards and Payments Middle East
ADNEC, 15th and 16th May
Artful Afternoon Tea
Manarat Al Saadiyat, 2pm to 4pm
02 657 5800
Ripe Market
Jones the Grocer, Al Raha Gardens, 3pm
Just Voices Concert
Abu Dhabi Theatre, 18th and 19th May
Champions League specials at
The Retreat
Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa
02 616 9999
Night Golf Roll Up
Abu Dhabi Golf Club, 6.30pm to 7pm
02 558 8990
Distinguished Lecture series by NYUAD
6.30pm to 8.30pm, InterContinental Hotel
Train Yas
Yas Marina Circuit, 6pm to 8pm
Lighthouse Club
Abu Dhabi monthly social
The Club, 6.30pm to 7pm
Mussels Night at
Every Wednesday, 7pm onwards
Call 02 6166261 for reservations
To have your event listed in 14 days call
02 401 2760 or email

10 - 16 May 2012
Join the ultimate summer camp
Shababna wa Shebna Summer Camp welcomes parents and children
Altaaat Leadership Development
Institute has teamed up with the TDIC
team at Desert Islands to offer a one-ofa-kind
Summer Camp programme on Sir
Bani Yas Island.
Called Shababna wa Shebna, or Youth
and the Elderly, the camps are primarily
aimed at Emirati youth, but they are open
to all youngsters from every nationality
between the ages of 16 and 21. The thing
that makes this camp unique though,
is that it is designed for parents and
children to enjoy. In fact, organisers are
asking for father and son and mother and
daughter participation.
“We wanted to help to unite youngsters
with their parents,” said Hala Alturki,
partner at the Altaaat Leadership Institute.
“We’re so busy these days that it’s difficult
to spend quality time with our families.
So we came up with the idea of inviting
young adults and their parents to enjoy the
activities we have planned together.”
The Youth & Parent Leadership
Adventure Gateway Camp will see
participants enjoy a host of adventure
activities and competitions throughout
this summer period, with the first camp
starting on 1st June and running for nine
weeks, with different group of campers
each week.
Weekly camps are for four days and
all participants will stay at the luxurious
Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara
on the Sir Bani Yas Island.
The camp will also include a chance
to take part in a structured leadership
development programme, developed by
the Altaaat Institute. Each participant
will then have the option to take an
assessment, which will see them achieve
an internationally recognised qualification.
“This is a really exciting project through
which we aim to focus on education,
community, health and wellness,
adventure and environmental awareness,”
said Mayssaa Cahltaf, manager of
Organizational Development and Learning
at the Altaaat Leadership Institute.
Walk for leukemia sufferers
Join the Circle of Life candlelit walk for
leukemia at the Aldar HQ building at Al
Raha Beach on Friday 11th May from 6.30pm
to 9pm. The walk will start with the angelic
sounds of the Tri-M/Choir group of ACS,
to raise awareness for leukemia and the
importance of bone marrow donation.
Leukemia, unfortunately, is the most
common type of cancer kids get diagnosed
with. For a lot of kids with leukemia, it is
critical to find a bone marrow match, but
sadly bone marrow banks are in short
supply, particularly in the Middle East. Join
Circle of Life to show your support for this
critical cause, and help make a difference in
someone’s life.
The cost of the camp – AED 8,250 for
individuals and AED 16,500 for parent
and child – includes transportation,
accommodation, all meals and activities as
well as entry into the structured leadership
course. For more information and to register
your interest, please email: booking@, call: 056 782 1515 or
Totts tee off at Fanr
Youngsters that could one day be the
next superstars of golf recently took part in
Fanr Restaurant’s Totts & Tees event.
Totts & Tees is a new promotion for
aspiring little ones to learn how to play
golf in a fun-filled, free-of-charge session.
The event was led by two Saadiyat
Beach Golf Club professionals using special
kids golf equipment on the lawns of Fanr
Restaurant. The hour-long session saw the
tiny totts teeing off with multi-coloured
tennis balls and practising their technique
through fun activities and games.
Totts & Tees is a Troon Golf Middle
East initiative to grow the game of golf
and help keep children active through
fun sports events.
To register for next month’s session and
for further details call 02 657 5888.
10 - 16 May 2012
come to town
Abu Dhabi Week
got a chance
to speak with
Stephen Frost
about the
upcoming Who’s
Line Is It Anyway?
What is your definition of funny?
Originality combined with surprise and
volume. That’s the official scientific formula,
you know.
What makes you laugh?
Scientists and people falling over.
How do you find performing in Abu Dhabi?
Do you ever have to tone down your
material to suit regional sensibilities?
Abu Dhabi has a great lively crowd with good
suggestions. And the weather is great! We
always adapt the show to where we are but
we never set out to be offensive. It’s not that
type of a show – it’s all about having fun.
What can the audience expect from your show?
Fast, furious and funny stuff non-stop,
made-up nonsense, songs, skits, occasional
dancing and maybe even some acrobatics!
What does each of your colleagues bring
to the performance?
Ashdown can sing and play the piano
and he’s funny. Smart is smart and funny.
Coppinger is short and funny. Steen is quick
and funny. Frost (me) is tall, handsome,
sophisticated and very, very funny.
Whose Line is it Anyway? will be hosted
on Monday 14th May at 8pm at the
InterContinental Abu Dhabi Auditorium,
tickets cost AED 150. For more information
call: 800 - IC DINE (800 423 463).
APi CAE Gourmet launches
Better Bread campaign
Win a month’s supply of yummy Italian loaves
Italian restaurant APi CAE Gourmet
has launched a campaign to get people
across Abu Dhabi eating better bread.
APi CAE staff will distribute 1,000
loaves of the chef’s freshly baked bread
throughout the city, followed by a monthlong
run of activities – from school visits to
question and answer sessions with the chef.
APi CAE’s bread is baked in line with
traditional methods using slow-acting
sourdough yeast. This process takes much
longer than mass production, making the
bread more naturally digestible in the
stomach. The bread also stays fresher for
longer due to the absence of synthetic
yeast accelerants and contains less salt
than other alternatives.
Bread chef at APi CAE, Giovanni,
explained the importance of understanding
what really goes into your bread. “Bread
forms the cornerstone of the diet in many
cultures throughout the world and has
done for many hundreds of years,” he
said. “In the desire to mass produce bread
quickly, shortcuts have accelerated the
bread-making process to the detriment of
wellbeing and nutrition.
“At APi CAE our philosophy is about
going back to basics. We use slow acting
yeast that needs days of nurturing in order
to proof properly. The resulting bread is
healthier, tastier and much longer lasting.”
A month’s supply
of fresh bread from
APi CAE Gourmet!
Abu Dhabi Week and APi CAE
Gourmet have teamed up to offer
one lucky reader a month’s supply
of fresh, tasty, traditional bread that
the lucky winner can pick up from the
restaurant each week.
To enter, answer this question:
What kind of yeast does APi CAE
Gourmet use in their bread?
A: sourdough
B: sweetdough
C: Do-do
How to win: go to
competition, click on the link and fill in the entry
form online before 12pm on Wednesday 16th May.
It’s that easy! Only one entry per person, please.
Gergana Konova, co-founder of APi CAE,
said: “Bread is one of those food items
which has become stigmatised for being
unhealthy, but originally it formed the heart
of a healthy meal. We want people to bake
more at home and make informed decisions
about the type of bread they eat.”
For more information check out the APi
CAE Gourmet Facebook page or contact:
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there is so much to experience in Kenya. Our all-inclusive
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tailor-made holiday and enjoy one of the world’s most
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