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What Happened to All Those
How to Beat the Spring Blues.
Each New Year, many of us make resolutions. We
decide to eat less, exercise more, work harder,
achieve more, be ‘better’. By spring, many of these
resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, and
we may feel discouraged and ashamed that we have
once again ‘failed’ to improve ourselves.
Why is this pattern so familiar? Over and over, we
set ourselves the challenge of self-improvement,
only to find ourselves despondently accepting that
we will never achieve what we set out to.
Perhaps the problem starts even before we make
our resolutions. If we believe that in order to be
happy with who we are, we must be slimmer, fitter,
smarter, or better qualified, we set ourselves up to
fail. It is hard to succeed, when we don’t believe that
we are already loveable and likeable. It’s a lot like
trying to climb a mountain with a sack of rocks on
your back; undertaking the difficult task of getting
fitter, healthier or achieving more (all of which are
great goals!) whilst carrying around the belief that
until we achieve these things, we are not good
When we hold these negative ideas about ourselves,
obstacles and setbacks can feel personal, a
confirmation of our low self-belief. We may find
ourselves thinking ‘I can’t lose the weight, because
I’m no good’, or ‘I didn’t pass my exam, because I’ll
never amount to anything’, or ‘My boss is upset with
me because I am a disappointment’.
The truth is that difficulty rarely means anything
about us. Problems will arise; that’s a sad fact of life.
Many women triumph against the odds. Their
journeys are not free from adversity, but they
already value and accept themselves, so mistakes
and setbacks cannot deter them.
A woman who believes that she is accepted just as
she is, may fail an exam, or argue with her boss. Yet
when she does, she will be able to encourage
herself, and resolve the situation, spurred on by
her kindness and patience with herself. A woman
with strong self- belief will get up again, as many
times as it takes to achieve her goal.
As the February blues hit, and setbacks to our goals
occur, let’s encourage ourselves that we are already
of worth and remind ourselves that no matter how
many times we fall down, we can get back up again;
not because we have anything to prove, but because
we don’t. You are of great value, right now, with all
your mistakes and setbacks and disappointments.
Make 2014 the year you decide that they won’t
determine your future.
Ever felt isolated or misunderstood?
Need help achieving your goals?
Need support to move forward from negative life events?
MOE are offering 10 FREE sessions of practical and therapeutic activities offering
s upport and encouragement in Health and Wellbeing for women like you.
It will be an opportunity to meet with other women in a safe, confident, non - judgmental
and happy environment.
Register your interest at
PLEASE NOTE: There are limited places for this event.
YIPP will be offering Maths 4 Fun sessions this year.
Boost attainment whilst ha ving fun!
Children aged 7 - 11 years welcome.
For further information contact
Annual Family Conference
August 15 th - 17 th
Contact for more inform ation
Women’s Spring Retreat
Windmill Farm
Cost: £120
Ministry of Empowerment, ACTS House, 30 Union Road, CR 0 2XU.
www.ministryofempowe r
An Act of True Love;
A Kiss, A Snowstorm and a Revelation.
I’m a self-confessed Disneyaholic.
If you happened to be passing by Croydon last Sunday
afternoon, you might have spotted a cinema full of children
enjoying the newest Disney epic, Frozen. A cinema full of
children and me, that is. I’d like to say I’m a parent and was
only there because my six year old dragged me there by
the hair.
That wouldn’t be true though. I’m not a parent, and I was
there simply because I love Disney.
Initially, it seemed like Frozen was going to follow the usual
predictable Disney formula. Within fifteen minutes of the
opening credits, the beautiful protagonist Anna finds herself
swept onto the dance floor by a dashing Prince. Lonely and
vulnerable after the death of her parents and estranged
from her older sister, Anna is delighted to have found
someone to share her life with.
Apparently having sorted out the romance question, Anna
sets off to rescue the kingdom from an eternal winter, and
free herself from a shard of ice which has found its way into
her heart.
Along the way, Anna learns that to save herself, she needs
to experience an ‘act of true love’. She travels across the
Kingdom, trying to find her ‘true love’s kiss’ to break the
spell. Hopeless romantic or not, I couldn’t help thinking the
idea seemed a little stale, especially given that she seemed
to have found her true love at the beginning anyway. After
spending most of the film journeying to the Snow Queen’s
kingdom, was she really going to just go home and kiss the
guy she met over an hour ago? Even for Disney, who
clearly believe love is only ‘true’ if the first kiss is passionate
enough to turn beasts into princes, sleeping beauties into
waking ones, and dead princesses into live ones, that
seemed a little pathetic.
That brought a smile to my face; a Disney film about sisters
and forgiveness. As women, we don’t all get to have a
happily ever after with the perfect prince. Some of us are
only too familiar with ‘real’ life and the pain and
disappointment it brings. We probably all know what it’s like
to feel alone. We’ve probably nearly all been swept off our
feet by the wrong person, at one time or another. I would
guess most of us know what it’s like to have a loved one
hurt us so much that it feels like ice really has entered our
We do all get to be sisters though. We all get to find the
strength to help someone else, even when we’re hurting
ourselves. We get to learn what true love is, from each
other. In my life, I’ve had many sisters. Some of them have
caused me more pain than I care to remember, others have
brought more healing than I could ever have imagined. The
most beautiful friendships I have are the ones where I’ve
had to exercise forgiveness, or been forgiven myself. In the
end, it is not a passionate romance that can break the
winter of isolation, and melt the ice in our hearts, but
forgiveness; an act of true love.
Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I love Disney;
because in a culture as cynical as ours, they still make
films about true love. I’m just glad that at last, like me,
they’ve come to realise that the greatest act of true love
isn’t a kiss; it’s forgiveness.
To my delight, it seems that, unlike me, Disney has grown
up just a little. In the end, the not so charming Prince
betrays Anna, and it is not his kiss that melts the ice in
Anna’s heart, but a selfless act that she herself carries out
for the sister who has hurt her so much. It struck me that,
unless Anna had forgiven her sister, she probably would
not have risked so much to save her.
Choreography and Craft In Croydon.
An overview of just some of the great things MOE achieved last year.
YiPP Fest 3013
A talented group of young performers delighted
their audience this summer, at the long awaited
YIPP Fest.
YiPP Fest, run by the young people
themselves, raised funds for the Youth In
Partnership Project. The day included music
and dance, a BBQ, raffle and sale of
Hamabead accessories and was attended by
many Croydon residents.
The dance routines featured were
choreographed by Charlene Isaac. Charlene
commented that “These young people have
worked so hard over the hot summer weeks...
We realise that this was no easy ride. But
having said that, there is no hesitation amongst
the young performers to repeat the
performance again if they have the
Touch hope that the young people are as proud
of themselves as we are.
Dorothy, founder of the Ministry of
Empowerment concluded,“ The young people
involved have been dedicated and enthusiastic
throughout the whole the preparation process.
We wholly commend them for their efforts and
Community Day
MOE hosted a Meet and Eat day for elderly
residents of Croydon. Guests took part in chair
exercise therapy.
Family Drop-In @ The Crescent School
Thanks are due to the head teacher, Jane
Fairburn, for use of the facilities for our family
drop in.
Sponsored Walk
The walk raised funds to support the work of Ministry of
May Bank Holiday Fun Day
A day of fun for the whole family, hosted by
Ministry of Empowerment Annual General Meeting
On 25 th January, we held our Annual General Meeting. It was a fantastic chance to reflect
back on the past year, give thanks for all our blessings and celebrate all our
achievements. Our founder, Dorothy Johnson, gave a presentation summarizing the events
of the past year, and looking forward to the year ahead.
She also welcomed several new members, board members and volunteers.
New Members:
Mother Logan
Beatrice Dale
And our thanks to
Board Members:
Dorothy Johnson
Min Althea Smith
Angelicia Dalrymple
Gloria Williams
Nicole Dryden
Lurline Deslandes
Lesley Carr
Lurline Reif
Min Gwen Madden
Co-Opted Board Members:
Caroline Thomas Asante
Pastor Patricia Yeboah
Faith Thomas
New Volunteers:
Leroy Robinson (Website)
Maria McGrath (Newsletter)
Fashion with Yvonne
Put a Little ‘spring’ in Your Step
By Yvonne Pascal
While most of the high street shops are still selling off their winter stock, if you look carefully,
you’ll notice that spring fashion is also sneaking onto the shelves.
Black is giving way to navy and grey and sweet candy colours are taking the place of jewel tones.
To get the spring 2014 look, wear your pastels toned with a splash of bright colour. Fabrics are
evolving and it’s nice to see that chiffon and lace, usually worn in winter, will be sticking around
this spring. To get the look, choose very sheer chiffon blouses and skirts, with detail worn on hem
and sleeves.
Designs are fluid and loose but still feminine and shapely. Prints range from bold florals to vivid
jungle both in pastel and bright. Keep the stripes simple and colourful, think art project.
Lace may be heavy in design, but the light texture and colours make it the perfect addition to
your spring wardrobe. Key lace pieces will be fitted tops/shirts and pencil skirts.
Tweeds are also key for spring, think Miss Marple in gold! They are soft and light, with metallic
thread running through to give them that 2014 edge.
10 Must Haves, spring 2014 (London Fashion Week Blogs)
Pleats- Preferably knife pleats, on a sheer midi skirt.
Paint Pot Prints- On dresses, shirts, everything!
Candy Colours- Pastels separated with a little colour.
Culottes- Think Victoria Beckham in black culottes, white city shirt and high heels.
Sheer- Think sheer self-print skirts with half linings
Bomber Jackets- Same shape in silky fabrics and bold prints. Great casual or smart.
Bermuda/City Shorts- Wear with strappy vests for hot days or a crisp shirt for work.
Luxe Sportswear Accessories- Think rucksacks/bucket bags in animal prints or textured fabrics
for everyday use.
Statement Sweats – Think sweatshirt shape in luxury fabrics and statement prints
Shirt Dress – Soft fabrics, pretty prints in both midi and maxi!